5 Best Earbuds for Cauliflower Ears (Fit Comfortably)

Do you have cauliflower ears? If so, you know how important it is to get earbuds that are comfortable and fit correctly in ears. Because uncomfortable earbuds can damage your ears and also hurt. 

Another problem is you will never find earbuds that are specifically made for cauliflower ears. 

But don’t worry we have done all the hard work for you by researching and testing earbuds for hours. 

In this article we will review the best earbuds for cauliflower ears. So, to figure out which is perfect for you, keep reading.

Best Earbuds for Cauliflower Ears

1. AfterShokz OpenComm (Editor’s Choice)


  • Good sound quality
  • Long battery life and fast charging
  • Provide long-lasting comfort
  • Have noise-cancelling boom microphone
  • Have lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Compatible with all devices


  • Headband is not adjustable
  • Only block low frequency sounds

Sound quality:

The AfterShokz OpenComm earbuds offer excellent sound quality that will please you. The powerful 40mm dynamic drivers provide incredibly clear, high-fidelity audio that will give you an immersive listening experience. 

The bass is especially well-defined, with deep lows and crisp highs that bring out all the nuances in your favorite songs. 

The noise-isolating design blocks out any external sound, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your music.


These earbuds are lightweight and have open-ear design due to which they are comfortable. You can wear them all day without any discomfort. 

These earbuds fit comfortably and don’t press against your head, that’s why it’s really comfortable. 

Moreover these are made of breathable material that doesn’t stink or cause any discomfort.

Noise-Cancelling Microphone:

These earbuds have an excellent noise-cancelling microphone. 

This microphone features advanced technology that is designed to reduce ambient noise and provide you high-quality sound for clear communication. 

The microphone also has a range of up to 10 meters due to which you will stay connected with your friends or team.

The noise-cancellation automatically turns on when you use these earbuds. You can use them for calls to make sure the caller is clearly hearing what you are saying.


These earbuds have wireless connectivity that uses Bluetooth technology to connect to other devices. The Bluetooth range of these earbuds is 33 feet which is almost 10 metres. 

It means you will remain connected to your device within that range without any interruptions. 

However, keep in mind that actual Bluetooth range may vary depending upon the obstacles of your environment. You can connect them with Android and iOS devices. 

These are compatible with smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktops. You can easily connect them with your device by entering them into pairing mode.


These earbuds are easy to control even a beginner will easily operate them without any confusion. 

However, if you don’t know, here is what buttons do what task.

These earbuds have one multifunction button which controls almost everything. You can play/pause, skip music, answer or reject calls with this button. 

Moreover if you find it difficult to control things with a button you can use a voice assistant to operate earbuds.

Battery life:

These earbuds offer up to 16 hours of talk time and 8 hours of listening time on a single charge. 

Which means you can use them for all day communication or to listen to music. 

Moreover these earbuds feature quick charge technology, which allows you to charge them for just 5 minutes to get up to 2 hours of battery. 

2. Beats Studio Buds (Best Overall)


  • Great sound quality
  • Active noise-cancelling
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Long battery life
  • Stable Bluetooth connection


  • Transparency mode does not always work well

Sound quality:https://amzn.to/3MqQSCS

The sound quality of these earbuds is really good because of its spatial audio. Spatial audio is a feature due to which you will feel like sound is coming from all directions. It makes you feel like you are in the cinema or theatre. 

It means you can use them for watching movies, YouTube videos and podcasts. 

Moreover you can also use them for listening to music. Because they have dynamic drivers that produce clear sound, highs, mids and lows are crisp and clear. 

So, the sound will be clear on any volume. However, some users complain that the sound was not good when they used it for the first time. 

But it turned out to be their fault they were not using the right ear tips. 

These earbuds need a secure seal to produce good sound therefore you need to try all three ear tips to figure which fits well and make music more enjoyable for you.


These earbuds are lightweight and their ear tips are made of soft silicone foam. Due to which they are really comfortable even for hours. 

However, for maximum comfort you will need to try all ear tips because every person has different size ears, therefore he will need ear tips according to his ears. 

Also for a secure fit you should insert them in your ears and then gently move downward. 

This way these buds will not easily fall out of your ears.


These earbuds have wireless connectivity which means you can connect them through Bluetooth. 

You can connect them with all devices in which iOS and Android devices are included. 

The Bluetooth range is almost 30 feet which means you can move around within that range while having your device on the table. 

Moreover the Bluetooth connection remains stable especially if we compare it to expensive earbuds on the market.

Active noise-cancelling and transparency:

These earbuds have noise-cancelling features due to which you can use them to block out external noises. 

This feature will come handy if you are travelling or your office is near a noisy area. 

However, if you want to remain aware of your surroundings you can activate transparency mode. Due to this you will be able to hear everything going on around you. 

This is a really cool feature when you are in busy parks.


These earbuds are really easy to control. You can change music, play/pause and control volume through the bud’s control buttons or through Siri. 

The Siri is a great feature for you because controlling things through bud’s can hurt your cauliflower ears. 

However, with the Siri you can control anything by voice command.

Battery life:

The battery life of these earbuds is almost 8 hours on single charge without ANC. And you will get 6 hours of playback time with ANC turned on. 

It means you can use them all day without having to worry about running out of p

ower. Also you can charge your earbuds twice with the given charging case. 

Moreover, you can quickly charge these earbuds with the provided USB-C charging cable.

3. Beats Flex (Budget Pick)


  • Long battery life up to 12 hours
  • Great sound quality
  • Easy to connect and stable connection
  • Audio sharing feature
  • Built-in mic good for calls


  • Active noise-cancelling is missing
  • Not water-resistant

Sound quality:

The sound quality of these earbuds is really good which is praised by its users. These earbuds offer clear and detailed audio with a bass-heavy sound signature that is typical of Beats products. 

The soundstage is also fairly wide which makes music more immersive for you. 

You can use these earbuds to listen to different genre music, watching movies and podcasts.


These earbuds are light in weight and have soft ear tips due to which they are really comfortable for hours. 

However, for maximum comfort you will need to try the different ear tips. 


These earbuds are wireless, you can connect them with your devices through the Bluetooth. These are compatible with the Android and iOS devices. 

You can quickly pair them with your devices through the Beats app. The Bluetooth range is 30 to 35 feet. 

The connection remains stable all the time but you will have to deal sometime with the dropouts.

Battery life:

The battery life of these earbuds is 12 hours which means you can use them all day to listen to music and stuff. 

Also these earbuds have fast charging which comes handy when you are in a hurry. 

You will get 1.5 hours of battery after charging them for 15 minutes. 

4. TOZO T10


  • High sound quality
  • Comfortable
  • Have advanced Bluetooth 5.3
  • Stable Bluetooth connection
  • Water and sweat-proof
  • Long battery life with quick charging


  • Not very stylish
  • Don’t made of durable material

Sound quality:

These earbuds deliver high quality sound due to their large size drivers. These drivers make earbuds capable of producing bassy sound with the clear mids, lows and highs. 

These earbuds sound quality is better than any high end earbuds in the market. So, you can enjoy whatever type of music you want with these earbuds.


The Tozo T10 earbuds are really comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. There are two main reasons why they are comfortable. 

First they come with three different types of ear tips which are made of soft foam. Due to which they fit securely in your ears. 

And secondly they are lightweight that’s why you won’t feel any discomfort.


These earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.3 which allows you to connect them with any device that has Bluetooth. Due to the latest version you can easily and quickly connect them with your devices. 

The Bluetooth range of these earbuds is 30 feet. However, it can vary across different devices and environments. 

In crowded areas you can face connectivity problems. But under normal conditions the connection remains stable.


The Tozo T10 and its charging case has IPX8 rating which means you can submerge them in water for 30 minutes. 

For the protection of internal components these buds are covered with Nano-coating. 

Therefore you can confidently use them for activities such as running, work outs, showering and swimming. 

Battery life:

You will get 10 hours of battery life on single charge and 45 hours combined with the charging case. 

You can also quickly charge them with the given USB-C charging cable. Moreover, you can also charge them wirelessly. 

They will take 1.5 hours to fully charge.

5. Sol Republic Earbuds


  • Sound quality is great
  • Sweat and water-resistant
  • Easy to operate
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Long battery of charging case


  • Battery life of the buds is not good
  • Limited customization options

Sound quality:

These earbuds produce high quality sound that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the music. The low frequencies are rich and full, providing a solid foundation for the rest of the audio spectrum. 

The mid-range frequencies are clear and detailed, allowing you to fully appreciate the nuances of your favourite songs. 

The high frequencies are crisp and bright, adding a sense of clarity and definition to the overall sound.

It means you can enjoy any kind of music you want with these earbuds. 


Sol republic earbuds are really comfortable to wear for a long period of time. 

The reason why they are comfortable is that they are lightweight and their ear tips are made of soft memory foam. 

Therefore you can wear it for hours without any discomfort to your ears. 

If you compare the comfort of these earbuds to the same price point buds, they are better than them. However, as compared to expensive earbuds Sol republic are not as comfortable.


These earbuds have Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to connect them to any device. You can connect them with smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops. 

It means they are compatible with iOS and Android devices. The Bluetooth range is about 30 feet. 

If we talk about the connection stability, you will face minimal drop outs. 

If you compare the Bluetooth connection of these buds to the same price and expensive earbuds, they are better than them.

Battery life:

The battery life of these earbuds is 3.5 hours to 5 hours depending upon your usage. If you will use them on low volume they will last longer. 

Also you can charge buds with the given charging case for 15 times. It means you will not need to charge your case for one week. 

Moreover, you can charge these earbuds via wireless charger. You don’t need to mess up with the charging cable to charge your earbuds. 

How to Choose Best Earbuds for Cauliflower Ears

These are the things that you should check before buying earbuds.


The first and the most important is comfort. Because cauliflower ears are sensitive that’s why earbuds can hurt you. 

Therefore find earbuds which can easily go into your ears and don’t cause any discomfort. 

Mostly earbuds that are lightweight and have soft flexible ear tips are more comfortable than others. Therefore you should always go with them.

Sound Quality

The next thing you will want to check is the sound quality of the earbuds. Make sure to buy buds with the best sound quality. Because bad sounding earbuds will cause discomfort. 

These are the few things that you should check to make sure if the earbuds sound quality is good.

Make sure to get earbuds that have low impedance because lower the impedance is, earbuds will be easy to drive and will produce good sound.

The drivers are little speakers inside the earbuds; they directly affect the sound of the buds. Generally earbuds with large drivers have good bass response and produce quality sound. 

Therefore you should always go with large driver earbuds.


If you are buying earbuds specially for cauliflower ears, you may want wireless earbuds. 

This is because wireless earbuds fit securely in ears and are less likely to fall out. 

Also they are lightweight due to which they are more comfortable as compared to wired ones. 

Therefore you should go with wireless earbuds. However, make sure they have good Bluetooth. If earbuds have Bluetooth 5.0 or above they are good to buy.

Battery Life

You should also consider battery life before buying earbuds. The longer the battery life the better it will be for you. 

You will be able to enjoy music for a long period of time without being worried about recharging them. 

You should get earbuds that have at least 5 hours of battery time. 

Also make sure earbuds have a quick charging option. This will be really beneficial for you, in the case of an emergency.


Finding the right earbuds for cauliflower ears can be challenging for you due to unique size and shape of the ears. 

However, we have done all of the hard work for you and reviewed the best earbuds in this article. If you would ask me which one I would buy. 

If I have no budget issues then I will go with AfterShokz OpenComm (Check on Amazon). However, if I am short of money then I will go with Beats Flex (Check on Amazon).

Related FAQs

Can You Wear Earbuds with a Cauliflower Ear?

Yes, you can wear earbuds with cauliflower ears. Despite the deformity, the ear’s function is not affected, and you should be able to wear earbuds as you normally would. 

It’s important to note that earbuds may not fit as comfortably or securely if you have cauliflower ear, as the shape of your ear may be different than someone without the condition. 

You may need to experiment with different earbud sizes or styles to find a comfortable fit.

Can You Wear AirPods with Cauliflower Ears?

It is generally possible to wear AirPods or other earbuds with cauliflower ears, as long as the earbuds fit comfortably in the ear and do not cause any pain or discomfort.

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