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7 Best Gaming Headset That Doesn’t Hurt Ears (In 2023)

Gaming is a very common activity nowadays. The headset is very necessary for gaming and for continuous gaming, the headset should be comfortable so that it doesn’t hurt.

However it is difficult to find gaming headsets that are comfortable. Mostly brands will advertise their headsets as comfortable however they are not.

Therefore we have reviewed the best gaming headsets that will not hurt your ears.

Let’s get started.

Top Picks

If you are in a hurry these are the three headsets that we highly recommend.

Best Gaming Headsets That Don’t Hurt Ears

1. Astro A50

Excellent sound qualityNo mute button on microphone
Comfortable and easy to fitCharging time should be less than 2 hours
Good microphone
Have 7.1 surround sound
Stable connection
Long battery life

Sound quality:

The sound quality of this headset is excellent because it is very clear and natural that gives you the advantage while competitive gaming.

You will be able to hear everything going around you in the game.

Moreover, you can change audio settings with the help of Astro command center software and can manage audio according to your game need.

This headset has Dolby atoms feature when you enable this you can easily track which sound is coming from what direction. Also, it makes gaming sound more immersive and enjoyable.

So, we can say this gaming headset has really great sound quality that any gamer wants.


The earpads and headband of this headset are made of soft memory foam due to which it is comfortable for hours.

The headband is well padded that’s why this headset doesn’t hurt the top of the head.

Also, earpads are wrapped with a thick layer of memory foam that’s why you will feel comfortable for hours.

However, if you feel uncomfortable after 3 to 4 hours then a slight adjustment of the headset makes it comfortable for the next 4 hours.


The microphone of this gaming headset is also good. You can easily communicate with your game mates.

It removes unwanted background noises and clearly picks up your voice.

However, sometimes the microphone doesn’t work really well. So, it should be better.


The Astro A50 is a wireless gaming headset it can connect with any gaming console. You can connect it with the PS4, PC, Xbox, and Xbox series.

There are two types of headsets available so, if you want to use this headset on Xbox then buy the Xbox+PC version if you want to use it on PS4 then buy the PS4+PC version.

This headset is pretty easy to connect and also connection remains stable for hours.


The battery life of this gaming headset is really great you can enjoy gaming for 15 hours with this headset.

It means you need to charge it only once a day and then enjoy games the whole day.

Moreover, it only takes 2 hours to fully charge from zero battery. In my opinion, the charging time should be less than 2 hours.

They should give USB-C for charging instead of micro USB-A.

Is it worth buying?

Anyone who wants to buy a comfortable gaming headset with excellent sound quality, stable Bluetooth connection, and long battery life. For that person, this headset is worth buying.

2. Corsair Virtuoso

Lightweight and comfortableOnly wireless connectivity
High fidelity 7.1 surround sound
20 hours battery
Memory foam wide earcups 
Have noise cancellation feature

Sound quality

The sound quality of the corsair virtuoso is very great. It has wide ear cups with 360-degree voices.

The ear cups also have external noise cancellation ability.

It has iCue equalizer which is the most important and unique part of a headset. So, its sound quality is very great. 


If we talk about the comfort of the speaker, it is best among various.

The memory foam and the wide headband of a headset are the main reasons for its comfort.

Memory foam is very necessary for playing continuously.

Otherwise, your ears will start to pain. So, it is also very good for comforting you while playing for a long time.


It has a wireless connection. The mode of connectivity with the device is Bluetooth. It has the latest Bluetooth version which allows you to connect with your PC, laptop, play station, etc.

In short, any device which has Bluetooth can be connected to this headphone.


It has a premium quality microphone with a voice cancellation feature. It helps you to be heard with clarity. The quality of the microphone is also very good.

It is durable and adjustable. Even your voice will be clear on low volume and the other person can hear you easily.


This headset offers you 20 hours of battery life which is quite nice for a headphone. A gamer usually spends 8 to 10 hours gaming.

So, it means he does not have to charge it while gaming. He can play continuously for hours. It has a lithium-ion battery which is very durable.

Is it worth buying?

Yes, it is worth buying. This is the best piece you can find in this budget. It is a very good wireless headphone in this price range.

So, it is one of the best gaming headsets that will not hurt your ears.

3. Steelseries Arctis 7P+

Long Bluetooth range 40 ft Not much durable
30 hours battery life
Great audio (3D audio)
Quick charger
External noise cancellation 

Sound quality

It has 3D audio quality. The sound feels like it’s coming from three directions. So, it feels very amazing.

Its audio filters make the sound very comfortable and clear.

The 3D effect let you feel like you are on the battlefield. So, the sound quality is amazing.


It is also very comfortable for longer use. The wide and adjustable earcups are very important for playing games.

The headband is also padded with foam which makes it more comfortable for the head.

The memory foam on earcups is also very comfortable for playing for a long time. The voice is spread in your ears, not in your ears. This is why it is considered very comfortable.


It has wireless technology with lossless 2.4GHz. It is free from the issues of wire.

The Bluetooth connectivity ranges from 40ft to 12m. So, there is no need to sit in one place to use this headset.

You can easily do your chores while listening to music.

It is also very easy to play PS4 or 5 with this headset because of the wide range and wireless connectivity. 


Its microphone is a little unique from others. The microphone is not detachable but you can hide it inside the headphone.

When it is not needed you just have to push it back and it will go back.

This is the solution for people who got irritated by the microphone when it’s not needed. The microphone also has a noise cancellation feature.

The filter allows you to be heard very clearly.


The battery life of SteelSeries arctic 7P+ is amazing. It allows you a battery life of almost 30 hours. So, there is no need to charge it repeatedly.

You can easily play as much as you can without any fear of charging.

This is best for a gamer because he plays at least 8 hours a day. It has a USB-C type fast charger. A 15-minute charge gives you 3 hours of battery time. 

Is it worth buying?

Yes, it is worth buying. It is the best choice for this budget. The money you are spending is worth it.

It also gives you some extraordinary features which are usually not found in this price range like 30 hours battery, hideable microphone, fast charging, etc.

So, it is worth buying.

4. HyperX Cloud II

Durable aluminum frameNo control on sidetone 
Detachable microphone
Legendary comfort
Advanced audio control box
Great sound quality

Sound quality

It has perfect sound quality. The sound is very clear and soft. It has wide earcups which allow us to hear like we are experiencing that in reality.

The ear cups are designed to release the sound on our ears not in our ears. This matters a lot because the in-ear voice is very irritating.

It penetrates directly into our air drum which is very bad for our hearing ability. So, that is why this gaming headset is comfortable.


If we talk about the comfort of these headphones, it’s beyond our thoughts. The earcups are accessorized with 100% memory foam and interchangeable earcups.

The material which is used is soft leatherette.

These things make these headphones extra comfortable. For your comfort, an audio control box is also attached to the wire.


It has a wired connection. A high-quality wire is used in this microphone.

The wire connection type is USB type which is very common in PCs, PlayStations, laptops, etc. so, you can connect them with any gaming console.


HyperX Cloud 2 has a detachable microphone.

If it’s not needed, separate it from the headphone. The microphone has a noise cancellation ability.

It allows you to be heard clearly. So, the microphone is very advanced.

When it is used with the USB control box, AGC functionality and echo cancellation are enabled automatically. Which makes the microphone perfect for a chat.


Because this is a wired headphone, the battery is not needed. Whenever you want to play, connect with your device and start playing.

So, you are free from charging and battery life issues.

Is it worth buying?

Yes, it is worth buying. It has a comfort level that is very rare. The durability is very high due to the aluminum frame.

It has an audio control box.

You can control everything while playing. So, these things make these headphones very reliable and worth buying.

5. Razer Kraken X

Lightweight and comfortableSometimes software doesn’t work
Quick and convenient adjustments 
Bendable noise cancellation mic
Immersive, 7.1 surround sound 

Sound quality

The sound quality of this headset is very amazing. The sound quality using 7.1 surround sound is great for those games that use at least 5.1 surround sound.

The sound quality is very clear even if you can hear every small detail of your game. By this, it feels like you are in the game.

So, we can say this gaming headset’s sound quality is great for any type of game.


The memory foam padded earcups are very comfortable for long-time play. The foam saves your ears from the hardware of earcups.

The headband is fully covered with foam and leather which is very pleasant for the top of your head.

These features make these headphones quite comfortable. 


It has a wired connection and the quality of the wire is also good. The wire saves you from Bluetooth connectivity issues.

Sometimes the versions of Bluetooth do not support each other and we have difficulty connecting. 


It has a bendable microphone. You can bend this in any direction you want. The microphone has a noise cancellation ability.

By this, you can talk very clearly and another person can also hear you completely. So, the microphone is also quite nice.


It has a battery for the LEDs and other on-off lights. The wire connection saves you from the battery charging problem.

You can use this as much as you can without the tension of charging.

There is no problem with pre-charging. Pick up your headphone and start playing.

Is it worth buying?

Yes, it is worth it. The clear sound quality with 7.1 surround sound makes it different from others.

The quick and convenient adjustment also makes it unique.

The adjustable microphone, the noise canceling feature, the weight, etc. makes this worth buying.

6. Sennheiser GSP 300

Great sound qualityHave only wired connection
Acoustic gaming headset
Mic can be muted by lifting
Lightweight and comfortable
Long battery life

Sound quality

Its sound quality is great because this headset has large drivers that produce a clear sound.

It is an acoustic gaming headset. It is a high-quality gaming headset with GSP 300 base-heavy sound for an immersive experience.

The sound is so clear and has aesthetic features. The earcups are also repulsive to external sounds. 


In comfort, I have not experienced such comfort as this gaming headset offers. This headset has extra wide earcups with memory foam.

The headband is completely covered with foam to give comfort top of the head. The earcups cover your ear completely for better prevention of external sounds.

Therefore this gaming headset is really comfortable.


This gaming headset has wired connectivity. You can connect it with any gaming console through its wire.

There is no difficulty with Bluetooth versions or connectivity.

The wired of this headset is of good quality that’s why durable.


It has a broadcast quality mic which allows us to deliver a clear message. The mic helps us to be heard crystal clear. Because the mic of this headset is noise cancelling.

This is the thing that every gamer wants in the mic of the headset.


It does not need a battery because it has wired connectivity.

When the headphone has wire connectivity, the user is tension free from the matter of charging.

Whenever he wants to play, just plug it into the PC, laptop, etc., and start playing.  

Is it worth buying?

Yes, there are certain things that make it worth buying. The microphone is adjustable and has a noise cancellation feature.

It has an ergonomic design which is very comfortable.

The padded earcups and headband are very comfortable. So, these features make it worth buying.

7. Logitech G Pro

Excellent sound qualityMic is not durable
6mm mic that clearly picks voice
Lightweight and comfortable
Durable frame
Advanced mic technology

Sound quality

The sound quality of this gaming headset is excellent. The PRO-G 50mm audio drivers makes the sound quality extraordinary.

The loudness and clarity are the main things in these headphones.

The sound and the tone are very different and clear. The speaker is big enough to provide that umphf to base and lower note.

So, overall we can say this headset has the best audio for playing games.


The wide earcups with memory foam give you extra comfort. It is very suitable for longer use.

The headband is also covered completely with foam. This prevents our top head from the band.

Therefore this headset is comfortable to wear for hours of gaming.


This headphone can connect to your device through Bluetooth. It offers a wide Bluetooth range.

The frequency response is 20Hz to 20KHz. The wireless connectivity allows you to work anywhere in the range.


The 6mm mic delivers a wider frequency and less signal-to-noise ratio. The mic is studio-type and it is also detachable.

You can easily separate it from the headset. It controls the unwanted noise and lets others hear you better.


The battery life of Logitech g pro is almost 23 hours. It is the best for the gaming person. A gamer spends 8 to 10 hours gaming per day. So, you can easily play for this time even more than this time. 

Is it worth buying?

Yes, it’s worth buying. The PRO-G 50mm drivers are the best in this price range. These are very good for clear incoming and outgoing sounds.

The detachable microphone is very convenient for people who have irritation with this microphone.

It is durable and has memory foam earcups. These are the factors which make it worth buying.

How to Choose Best Gaming Headset that Doesn’t Hurt Ears


The headset that you are going to buy should be comfortable. It must have adjustable earcups and a headband. The headband should be covered with foam and also can be adjusted.

So, always consider these two things while buying a comfortable gaming headset. You will use a gaming headset for hours of gaming.

Therefore it should not be uncomfortable or made of hard material. . 

Sound quality

The headset’s sound quality should be excellent. The sound should be clear and understandable.

Usually, headsets that have large drivers produce more clear and detailed sound.

The headset should have external noise cancellation. Before buying, do check the sound quality. 


The headset should have wireless connectivity. The gamer has no time to do other stuff like handling wires, plugging in, or not.

So, it should be wireless.

The wireless headset is easy to connect with any gaming console. There is no problem if the Bluetooth versions are not the same. You can easily update it through the internet.

So, try to buy a wireless gaming headset. 


The battery should be a lithium-ion battery and it should last longer. For a gamer, the battery should be long-lasting. Gamers play at least 10 hours per day.

So, that is why you should buy a headset with the longest possible battery life.


So, if you’re looking for the best gaming headset that doesn’t hurt your ears, we recommend trying out one of the headsets on our list.

We can promise you that they’ll provide an enjoyable gaming experience without causing any long-term damage to your hearing.

Have you tried any of these gaming headsets? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!

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