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7 Best Gaming Headsets with Sidetone (Mic Monitoring)

A gamer is incomplete without a headset. It is very necessary for a gamer these days. A headset with a sidetone is even better because you can hear yourself while gaming. However, people always got confused about which sidetone headset they should buy. 

So, in this article, you will find the solution to your problem because we have reviewed the best gaming headsets with the sidetone. 

So, read out and make a decision.

Quick Pick

If you are in a hurry, these are three gaming headsets with mic monitoring that we highly recommend.

What are the Best Gaming Headsets with the Sidetone

Best Gaming Headsets with Sidetone (Mic Monitoring)

1. Razer Kraken V2

Built In 7.1 surround soundWireless connectivity is missing
Unibody aluminum frame
Noise-cancelling digital microphone
Light weighted and durable
Comfortable oval ear cushions 

Sound quality

If we talk about the sound quality, there is no match. It has 7.1 virtual surround sound which is advanced and already built in. It provides immersive surround sound.

It is very rare in normal gaming headsets. It delivers you pinpoint accuracy. So, the sound quality of the razer V2 is extraordinary. 


This headset is very comfortably designed. It is very lightweight with an aluminum frame. It has oval earcups with memory foam. These things will keep your head very comfortable.

The ear cups give you full ear coverage and surround sound. The memory foam gives your ears comfort.


The microphone of the razer Kraken V2 is a digital microphone with a noise cancellation feature. It ensures clear communication.

The microphone allows you to be heard crystal clear. So, the microphone is also exceptional. The noise cancellation is only available on PC. 


It is a wired headphone. There is no tension in charging it separately. If you want to play suddenly, just need to connect with your device and start playing.

The wire is durable and of good quality. So, there is no issue with charging before playing, and use it for as much time as you can.

Battery life

It has a lithium-ion battery. This battery is very durable. This battery is used for the surround lights. There is no need to charge it separately.

It can get charged while you are playing. So, there is no issue with the battery at all.

2. HyperX Cloud II

Digital and detachable microphoneOnly wired connectivity
Light and durable aluminum frame
Advanced audio control box
Legendary comfort
Almost 24 hours battery life

Sound quality

It has a very advanced sound quality. The sound is very soft and can be heard very clearly. The earcups are very wide which allows us to hear like we are present there in reality.

The ear cups are designed to experience the sound on the ears, not in the ears.

This is very comfortable because the in-ear voice irritated you a lot. It hits our eardrum directly which is very bad for our hearing ability. 


The comfortability of hyper X cloud 2 is beyond our thoughts. The earcups are coated with memory foam and interchangeable earcups.

The soft leatherette material is used in these microphones. These extras make hyper headphones extra comfortable and reliable. For comfort, an audio control box is also attached to the wire which is very rare in headphones.


This headset has a digital detachable microphone. Some people find the microphone irritating. So, when it’s not needed, you can detach it from the headphone. The microphone has a noise cancellation effect. It cuts off all the external noise.

It allows you to be heard clearly. So, the microphone is very advanced. When it is used with the USB control box, AGC functionality and echo cancellation got enabled automatically.  


It is a wired headset. A good quality wire is used in this microphone which is very durable and good for longer use. The cover of the wire is made up of rubber. The wire connection type is USB type. It is very common in PCs, PlayStations, laptops, etc. so, wired connectivity is not an issue for you.

Battery life

Hyper X Cloud 2 has a lithium-ion battery which is very durable and long-lasting. It has 24 hours battery life. A wired headphone with this much battery life is very rare so, it is exceptional.

Because this is a wired headphone, the charging issue is not faced. When you want to play, connect with your device and start playing. So, you are free from charging every time before playing and having battery life issues.

3. Astro A50

Excellent sound qualityNo mute button on the headset
Durable and comfortable
Command center software
15 hours long battery
Wireless connection

Sound quality

The sound quality of this headset is very good. You will be able to hear everything going around you in the game. It gives you the feeling like you are on the battlefield. You can change audio settings with the help of Astro command center software and can alter settings according to need.

Also, it makes gaming sound more immersive and enjoyable. So, we can say this gaming headset has the great sound quality that any gamer wants. Mic monitoring ability also makes it very special.


It does not provide you with that much comfort. It is completely wrapped with foam to prevent irritation on top of the head. The earcups also have memory foam. The earcups cover your ear completely for better prevention of external sounds. The memory foam also makes it more comfortable. 


The microphone is also very good. You can easily communicate with others. It has external sound cancellation ability. It removes external background noises and picks up your voice. It helps you to be heard with clarity. 


The Astro A50 is a wireless headphone. It can be connected to any device which has Bluetooth quality. It has the latest Bluetooth version which allows you to connect with your PC, laptop, play station, etc. It also has wire connectivity options. So, you can use it as your desire.

If it has no charging, you can easily play with a wire connection. This headset is quite easy to connect with devices and also connection remains stable for hours.

Battery life

The battery life of these headphones is very good. You can enjoy gaming continuously for at least 15 hours. There is no need to charge again and again. You can enjoy gaming for the whole day.

It has fast charging. Only 2 hours are needed to charge it from zero to full battery. In my opinion, the charging time should be less than 2 hours. It has micro-USB type A.

4. Logitech G Pro X

Excellent sound qualityNot much durable 
Earpads with memory foam and comfortable
Advanced PRO G 50 mm drivers
35 Ohm impedance 
2 years hardware warranty

Sound quality

The sound quality of this headset is very good. It has 7.1 object base next-generation surround sound quality. It helps you hear every small detail of your game or movie. Although it requires included USB external sound card. It gives its best with the windows and the Logitech G hub software. The sound is on the ear and very soft for ears.  


The headset is also very comfortable. It has wide earcups with memory foam. The memory foam keeps our ears away from the pain and rigidity of the frame of headphones. The headband is also covered with foam to prevent the top of the head. So, this headset is quite comfortable. 


The microphone is also very advance. It has noise cancellation ability. Your mate can hear you very clearly. PRO G 50 mm drivers are installed for better sound. The noise cancellation helps you to communicate with other people. So, it is very necessary for a headset.


It has wired connectivity. You do not need to worry about charging before playing. Some people find it annoying to charge right before and after playing. So, this is free from this issue. The wire is also detachable. I prefer the wireless headset. The wireless headset offers lag-free connectivity. 

Battery life

It has a wired connection so there is no need for a battery in it. The battery is only used for logo lights and the blinking of charging lights. So, the battery life does not matter. It lasts for many days. So, it has quite good battery life.

5. SteelSeries Artics 5

3D audioNot much durable 
Bidirectional microphone 
Prism RGB illumination
2.0 surround sound and Immersive audio
Inline USB chat

Sound quality

This headset has 3D audio. So, you experience reality more closely. The sound quality and mic both offer their best. The sound is on the ear. The earcups help you to hear without any external noise. The sound is very soft and balanced. So, it has quite a good sound quality.


The earcups are accessorized with memory foam for the prevention of pain and irritation of the frame of the headphone. It has a double headset with adjustability. It will be adjusted automatically. So, your top head will not be affected. The earcups are also adjustable. So, it is quite comfortable.


It has a unique microphone. It has a bidirectional microphone. The bidirectional means you can speak from both sides. Sometimes the microphone starts doing issues because we are using it for a long time and it is unidirectional. Every time we have to adjust it according to our mouth. So, it got broken or stop working very soon. 


The artics 2 has wired connectivity. A premium quality wire is used in this headset. The wire has an inline USB chat mix dial which allows you to control the voice. It allows you to balance the audio and chat volume on the fly. So, the wire connection is not bad at all. 

Battery life

There is no battery in this headset. The connectivity is wired so, the battery was not needed at all. Some wired headphones also have batteries just for the logo lights. This headset is completely dependent on the connecting wire.

6. Corsair Virtuoso RGB 

7.1 surround sound with high fidelityNot comfortable for long time
20 hours of battery life
Lightweight with aluminum frame 
Wireless with 60ft of range
3-way connection

Sound quality

It has superb sound quality. You will experience uncompromising sound quality. It has immersive 7.1 surround sound. It also has a pair of tuned 50-millimeter neodymium speaker drivers. These are the reason for its high sound quality. The sound is very clear and soft. It is also an on-ear sound type.  


It is very lightweight with a durable aluminum frame. The wide earcups allow you to hear sound which is very soft and comfortable. The memory foam ensures both comfort and durability. So, it is comfortable. It has a foamed headset but it is not adjustable. This is why we cannot use it for a long time. 


The microphone of corsair is quite different from others. It offers you impeccable vocal clarity. The microphone is of broadcast great. It is also omnidirectional and has a high bandwidth. The noise cancellation ability helps you to be heard clearly by your mate. 


It has a Bluetooth connection. The source of connection with the device is Bluetooth. It has the latest Bluetooth version which allows you to connect with your PC, laptop, play station, etc.

It also has wire connectivity options with 3 input types. So, you can use it as you need. Slipstream, USB wire, and 3.5mm wire are the types of connectivity.

Battery life

This headphone gives you a very long battery time. It gives you a total of 20 hours of battery life which is quite nice for a headphone, especially for gamers. A gamer spends almost 8 to 10 hours gaming.

So, it means he does not have to charge it while gaming. He can play continuously for these hours. It has a lithium-ion battery which is very durable.

7. Razer Blackshark V2 Pro

Detachable microphoneNot much durable 
Battery life of 24 hours
Frequency response from 12 Hz to 28 kHz
THX 7.1 surround sound
Triforce titanium 50mm drivers

Sound quality

It has an exceptional sound quality with clarity and softness. It has an over-ear fit type which gives you extra comfort. The sound is very soft and loveable to the ears. It gives you leading audio realism. This feels like you are present in the video. It has a THX 7.1 surround sound with directional cues. 


The earcups of this headset have memory foam for saving our ears from the hard frame of the headphone. It allows you all-day comfort. The foam is very soft and breathable which prevents it from overheating and pressure building up. The headband is completely covered with foam. So, it doesn’t affect the top head. 


The razer black shark V2 pro has a hyper clear super cardioid mic. This allows you to do extra clear communication. It gives you an extra clear voice and advanced mic controls. The mic also has a noise cancellation ability. It is also accessorized with a foam pop filter for noise suspension. 


It has wired connectivity. The wired connection prevents you from the issue of charging it. The sudden plans also work because of the wire. There is no need to charge before playing. Just connect it with your device and start enjoying it. 

Battery life

It has a lithium-ion battery which is quite good and durable. The battery is not responsible for the connectivity. It only has a battery for logo lights or on-off lights. So, its battery life is on days. 

How to Choose Best Gaming Headsets with Sidetone

Sound quality

The sound quality should be 3D. It helps you to enjoy yourself more. It also feels like you are experiencing the thing in reality. It should have immersive audio and surround sound for a better experience.

So, make sure the gaming headset that you want to buy has excellent sound quality. Because if won’t be able to hear everything clearly you can lose the game. 


The microphone should be bidirectional and let you be heard more clearly. You should prefer the detachable microphone. It also should have noise cancellation ability.

It is very necessary for your clear communication. The main thing you should see is the voice of the microphone should be clear.


The sidetone headset that you are going to buy should be comfortable. Without comfort, no feature is usable. The earcups should have memory foam for ear comfort.

The headband should be adjustable and coated with memory foam. You should prefer adjustable earcups. The headphone should be lightly weighted too. 


The headphone should have a wireless connection. The wireless connection is easy to use and it is lag free. Some people prefer wired headsets to avoid charging issues. But I will recommend you buy wireless headphones. It is more reliable.

Battery life

The battery life should be longer than 20 hours. For a gamer, it should be more than this. If you want to buy it for normal use it can go for 15 hours but not less than this. So, try to buy the headset which has longer battery life.


Thank you for reading! We hope this article helped you choose the best gaming headset for your needs. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Have fun gaming!

What is Sidetone in the Gaming Headsets?

The sidetone is an audio feedback voice from one’s voice. It is heard by a user when trying to speak into the mic. It is also known as microphone monitoring. 

What Does Sidetone Do Exactly?

The sidetone allows you to control the amount of microphone input that is routed back into your headset. It allows you to choose how much of your voice and surroundings to hear.

Is Sidetone Good for Gaming?

Yes, the sidetone is good for gaming. It has many benefits regarding your communication. It improves the whole process of communication. It allows a more precise understanding of both ends. So, that is why sidetone is good for gaming.

Do all Gaming Headsets Have Sidetone?

No, there are some specific headphones that have sidetone. You better check before buying whether it has sidetone or not. 

Following are some headphones that have sidetones:

  • ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headset + Base Station Gen 4
  • Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE Gaming Headset
  • Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset
  • Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp
  • JBL Quantum 400
  • Xbox Wireless Headset

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