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Have you noticed any dent on your head or do you feel a headache every time you take your headphones off? This might be due to the prolonged use of headphones. Do you get worried that if you are using your headphones for hours you can also get that headphone dent? But you need not to worry about it.

In this article, I am going to make things clear for you so that you can easily understand that actually what you need to do to prevent if there’s such a situation with you.

Headphone Dent:

At first, you should know what it looks like when there is a dent on your head which is caused by your headphones use.

It is the impression on the skin of the skull that increases gradually over some time if you are using your headphones for a longer period daily.

Now there is a question: is it true or not that your headphones can cause a dent in your head? The answer is no.

Your headphones can cause a dent in your head. But that is just a temporary impression, not a dent on the bone of the skull. And this will happen because of too many tight headphones.

Moreover, there are certain causes of this thing to happen. I’m here to clear your mind about this confusion and why you see that impression on your head.

Can your headphone dent your head?

Do you worry about this thing that your head can be dented by your headphones if you use them for a longer period? But it’s not sure that if there is any dent on your head, then it is due to the use of the headphone.

So you need not be worried because your skull needs a weight of 135 kg to get even a minor fracture or 1100 LBS of pressure to be affected by anything.

So until or unless your headphones are too tight that they can cause you to face pressure of this high range, you will not get any head dent from your headphones.

Tyler headphone dent:

One of the most known cases is the headphone’s head dent of tyler1. He was the League of Legends streamer. When he removed his headphones in front of the camera then there was an impression of bending that happened to be seen on his head.

As we are saying headphones cannot cause you to get any headphone dent. Then what happened in Tyler’s case?

Let’s have an example of what happens when a person uses the glasses for a longer period. We see an impression on his or her nose bone.

Can we claim that there is a dent on the nosebone by using the glasses? Not.

Here is another example: if you wear a watch on your wrist for a whole day then there will be a mark when you remove it. So what will you say about it that there is a dent caused by your watch on your wrist? Not at all.

Now the thing is to be clear that headphones don’t cause any dent on your head. It’s just an impression of bending that is caused by too much use of your headphones that you can prevent by following some simple and easy steps.

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How to prevent headphone dent?

No matter that the headphones cannot cause any dent to your head by following some preventive steps we can avoid even the temporary impression on our head.

Using a cap or beanie:

Using a cap or beanie will work as a cushion between the headphones and your head. This will reduce the pressure because it is padding between the head and headphones.

That will prevent making an impression on your head if you are going to use them for hours. So you will not get any head dent.

Moreover, keep in mind that this will muffle the sound so if you are doing such work that needs to be focused on sounds avoid wearing a cap or beanie in such a situation.

Headphones position:

Wearing headphones at the back instead of the top also releases pressure from the top. Then you feel no pressure on your head and there will be no bending impression. So you can enjoy using your headphones for longer hours.

Remove when feel the pressure:

Removing headphones after a short period again and again also prevents the formation of this impression of indentation on your head.

Because by doing this pressure on the head reduces and you will feel comfortable. Also, this will prolong the period of using headphones without feeling uncomfortable.

Buy adjustable headphones

Some headphones are designed according to the average person. But they can be tight to you that will make an indentation in your head.

So for this thing to be avoided you should replace your headphones with such one that will be adjustable according to you. So you can focus on other things to do instead of feeling a headache or being uncomfortable.

How to get rid of it?

If you have that dent on your head follow some steps to get the position of your head back to normal. Here are the steps to follow:


There is a way to remove the impression of indentation on your head, and that is to take a shower. If the dent is slight it can be removed by this method. But if it is formed by extreme pressure it will not work.

Rubbing your head gently:

There is another method that we can try if the method of showering is also not working, that is to rub your head or gently massage that specific area that is affected by the pressure by using headphones.

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Certain questions arise in mind while facing such a situation. Here are some most important and commonly asked questions given below for further understanding.

Is the problem of headphone dent temporary or permanent?

This is just a temporary indentation of skin or impression of bending on the head that can be restored with time

How long will it take for the head and the headphones to go away?

Most of the time it will take less than an hour to one day but if it takes more time then it will not be due to the prolonged use of headphones then you need to check out the actual reason.

Does your ear shape change due to the headphone’s use?

 No headphones can cause your ear shape to be changed.

Does wearing headphones cause hair loss?

No headphones don’t cause hair loss. But if it happens it may be due to different problems with genetics including diet, exercise, nutrient deficiency, environmental factors,  stress, hormonal imbalance, etc.


In short, I’ll say that if you are using headphones for a prolonged period that will not cause any dent in your head. So you need not to be worried about headphone use. But if there is any change in your head or skull shape that might be due to any other problem that needs to be monitored on time. Moreover to prevent Even temporary indentation by using headphones follow the guidelines and if there is already an impression or bending on your head also you can get it removed. Read all the things with great attention and if there is any confusion you can search for it for further clearance.

Thanks for reading!

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