Raycon Earbuds Keep Cutting Out

Raycon Earbuds Cutting Out: Easy Fixes (2024)

Raycon earbuds cutting out is the most disturbing and irritating thing while listening to music for enjoyment. Also, during a call, it can affect the proper understanding of any person. So, if you are also facing the same problem and get tired of searching for the solution, you need not be worried because here is the solution to your problem that I am going to explain in detail. No doubt Raycon is a well-known product, but I, too, experienced the issue of my Raycon earbuds constantly cutting out probably half a month ago.

So I searched for the reasons why this problem happened, and I learned many things about it. Now I am going to share those reasons along with their solution to you. In this article, I will provide you with practical methods to solve the problem of your Raycons earbuds cutting out. The thing I need from you is patience and consistency in reading, so let’s start with the solution.

Why does Raycons keep cutting out

Raycon Earbuds Keep Cutting Out

Here we have a question first: why do Raycons earbuds keep cutting out? To fix the problem or to get the solution of Raycons earbuds cutting out, you must first be aware of the reasons that may cause this problem. All the possible reasons are discussed below in detail, along with their solution.

Interference of Nearby Devices

Whenever there are other devices like phones, routers, and microwaves, this causes interference with the Bluetooth signal of the earbuds. So, due to this disturbance, your Raycons earbuds can keep cutting out. So, you should be at a place where there is no interference with your device.


This is the natural thing and it’s not due to any fault in your device. The Solution to this
problem is

  1. Move away from the devices if you are near any such device.
  2. If you can’t move away, turn off the nearby devices that are not in use.
  3. As soon as you move away the signal of your earbuds will be restored
  4. Then your Raycons earbuds will stop cutting out and you will get the solution and can enjoy the music and calls.

Low battery of the device

The lower battery level also causes different problems with devices. So, if the battery of your device is too low, you may also face the problem of Raycons earbuds cutting out because every device needs a specific battery level to run correctly.


If the battery of your device is not enough to run smoothly, this may be the reason for your problem and you can fix it by charging your device. For this you need to follow the given steps accordingly

  1. Disconnect your earbuds from your phone
  2. Then place them in the charging case and connect them with the charger to the power source.
  3. Then leave them for at least for 30 minutes on charge or until they are fully recharged
  4. After this time as your battery gets fully charged or reaches a specific level, there will be an indicator of flashlight on your device
  5. Then remove the charger.
  6. Then try to use them again hopefully your device will run properly without cutting out

Distance from the connected phone

Suppose you are away from the phone to which your device is connected, or there is a considerable distance between the two. In that case, it can cause a disturbance of the signal, which ultimately results in your Raycons earbuds cutting out the voice because there is a specific range of distance of every device provided by the company outside of which you will have to face the signal problem.


To remove this reason you should maintain the specific distance from the connected phone.
You should keep in mind the following points.

  1. You should be in the range of the device and if you are not try to be near the device
  2. Typical range for such a device is 10 to 30 feet or 5 to 10 m maximum
  3. Then after moving near to the device check whether you are facing the problem of your raycons earbuds cutting out or not.

Bluetooth Connection Obstructions

Strengthening the Bluetooth connection matters a lot in this case. If it is weak, you will face this problem. There are different reasons for weak Bluetooth connections, including various physical obstructions like walls, electronic devices, and furniture. Here is the solution guide for you in this regard.


You should follow the steps that can strengthen your bluetooth connection. And also if there
is any obstruction causing this problem try to remove that. You can have a look at the
following steps for this purpose.

  1. Your raycons, earbuds and connected phone will be in the same room.
  2. Because the distance and the wall of structures cause you to face this problem.
  3. For this you must know about the instructions provided by the company.

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Updated software or firmware

It often happens that with the passage of time, our devices’ software or firmware needs to be updated. Every device has alerts when an update is available, but we ignore them in a Hurry. So, the outdated software of Raycons earbuds also indicates the problem of constantly cutting out and affecting the device’s performance.


For this you must update your software. No if you don’t know how to update your software
you can follow these instructions.

  1. You should visit the website of Raycons earbuds to check for the update if there is any available.
  2. You can also approach this feature by consulting the user manual for instructions or updating the software
  3. After updating the software of your device it will solve all the non problems that may cause you to face different issues.

Hardware problem

If the steps mentioned above failed to solve your problem and you’re still facing the problem of your Raycons earbuds cutting out, you need not be worried at all. There might be a hardware issue with your Raycons earbuds that keeps them cutting out. For this reason, there is no solution that you can do on your own; you can only contact Raycons support and ask for help to repair your device or replace your device with a new one if it is in the warranty period. There, you can get the opinion of their experts on what to do in that situation and get proper guidance for your device.


In the final words, this is the problem that might disturb you, but it is not that much to be worried about. There are a lot of reasons for this problem, which may include the low battery of the device, Bluetooth connection problems, nearby device obstructions, software problems, or any hardware damage to the device.

With the provided instructions, you can fix your problem. However, if you need help contacting customer support. Your problem will be solved, and if not, you should replace your device with a new one for subsequent use in the future. Hopefully, I have provided you with the best guidance that may prove helpful. If yes, positively support this article.

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