A Guide to Turn OFF AirPods Max

If you are reading this post, you are in need to learn different ways to turn off AirPods Max. Well, there is no straightforward method to turn AirPods off manually.

The reason is that Apple doesn’t feature an integrated power-off switch on the new AirPods Max.

But don’t burst your bubble. You don’t need to keep your AirPods Max turned on forever. In some situations, this headphone automatically enters the ultra-power state.

You can activate this automated feature in two different methods. Let’s discover them in detail.

How to Switch Off AirPods Max Manually?

As we have mentioned earlier, you cannot manually turn off your AirPods Max headphone. Technically, it is challenging since it doesn’t have an integrated on or off button by design.

Instead, to save the battery, Apple has included an Ultralow Power State function.

This function automatically enables under some circumstances. You can activate this automated low power mode in two ways – slim Smart Case and set your headphone down.

By enabling this mode, you can keep AirPods in hibernation mode manually.

Set Your Headphones to Idle

You can activate an automated ultra-power state by keeping your headphone idle without moving them. You can perform Apple AirPods reset via a simple trick.

All you need to do is set the headphones down in a place where they would not be moved.

Leaving your headphones idle for 5 minutes will put them into low-power mode. This Apple headphone has many sensors like position, optical sensor, gyroscope, and accelerometer. These sensors will determine how long the idle period is.

Keep inside Slim Smart Case

Another method to turn off AirPods Max is to keep your headphones in their slim case. Just like the Smart Covers of iPads, the AirPods Max case has an integrated pair of magnets. These magnets let it cover the headphones and stay in place.

When it is identified, it automatically keeps them in the Low Power state to preserve the battery when not in use. The case detection sensor finds the magnets in the smart case.

It helps in determining when to keep it in the case and stay in this power mode.

Adjust LED Light Colors

LED Light will convert into amber or green after clicking the noise-control button of the headphone. When they are connected to power, Green light means the headphones are about completely charged.

However, if the light is amber, they presently have less than 95% charge. When headphones are not connected to the power, green light means they preserve over 15% of charge.

Amber light means they hold 15% or less charge.

How Does AirPods Max Work?

When you put Apple’s AirPods Max on your head, they turn on or wake up automatically. When you remove them and keep them stationary for around 5 minutes, the headphones enter an ultra-power state.

When you wear them again, they will turn on again.

You will get a Smart Case with your AirPods Max headphone. It is included to keep the battery life much better. Headphones enter the low-power mode when put in a smart case.

If not, they will go to Extra Low-Power Mode after 72 hours of not being idle.  

Difference Between Various Power Modes

Headphones will long for 5 minutes before entering the low-power mode. When you put them on a surface, they enter a low power mode after being idle for 5 minutes to save battery charge.

The headphones will go in the same mode when placed into the Smart Case.

Headphones will go to the lower power hibernation mode after 3 days or 72 hours of idle out of the Smart Case. They will enter the lowest power mode after 18 hours when placed in the Smart Case.

Things to Consider When Turning Off AirPods Max

When you need to turn your AirPods Max on from the idle state, simply pick them up or wear them.

When you put your noise-canceling headphones idle for about 72 hours outside its smart case, it activates the Lowest Power Mode.

Next, turn off the Bluetooth function and then the Find My feature. It will activate the lower power mode and disable the same features when put in the smart case for about 18 hours.

So, turn on this power mode and conserve its battery life to enjoy more listening hours.

The Conclusion

In the bottom line, Apple doesn’t include an in-built power-off feature on its AirPods Max headphone.

The company doesn’t integrate this feature to ensure that users can quickly connect to the noise-canceling feature.

One can easily locate the AirPods Max when turned on using the Find My feature. Thus, unless you keep on draining the battery, it is possibly not a matter to worry about its battery.

However, when you wish to turn it off, opt for the above methods.