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How to Turn off Apple Airpods Max in 2024

Are you trying to turn off your AirPods Max and unable to do so? Technically, there is no button to turn them off, so many users find it difficult to do so. It’s not too complex and can quickly be done by following some simple steps to turn your Airpods Max off to prevent the laws of power while you are not using them.

Also, if you want to know the details about this topic, you should read this article until the end carefully. There is no power button, but they have a power-saving mode and an ultra-power mode that will help you save power. Moreover, in this article, you will surely learn how to turn your AirPods Max off. I will discuss all the methods or ways to turn off your AirPods Max, so be with me and read the article to get your answer.

How to turn off the AirPods Max

Airpods Max are headphones designed and manufactured by Apple, a company famous for its products. This product has several excellent features, one of which is active noise cancellation. However, the major challenge that most of the users have to face is to turn them off. Most users want to turn them off to prevent the loss of power to use them for a more extended period, but in its technology, no power button is built into its system. Other ways to prevent your Airpods Max from losing power include putting them in ultra-power mode or using the Smart Case, which will automatically put your device in low-power mode and conserve your battery life.

Smart Case

Smart puts your device in low-power mode, which needs some time to be activated. Also, whether you put your AirPods Max address out of the case or in the case, after five minutes, they will automatically be in low-power mode, saving your battery life. But after putting them in a smart case, they will not be completely switched off, and a smaller battery can be used for some features that are default to the system. So, if you don’t want to allow these features to use your AirPods battery, you can follow the next steps.

Power Button to turn off AirPods Max

First, if there is no such button, we look for the button to turn off Airpods Max. So you can’t turn them off by using such a button. Instead of turning the power off, you can activate their power saving mode or low power mode, which needs some specific conditions to be activated. This is the inbuilt system in this technology to prevent loss of power. However, if you don’t want to put your bored max on the low power mode and you want to turn them off completely so you can follow these two steps, they will be turned off.

  • You must simultaneously hold and press the noise control button and digital crown until the LED light turns off.
  • As the LED light turns off, AirPods Max will also switch off.

Bluetooth setting to turn off your AirPods Max

Bluetooth settings can also be used to turn off your AirPodsMax. Your device can handle this. This method is helpful if you don’t want to remove your AirPods from your ears, and it is convenient to do something from your device. airpods Max is a manufactured device with the feature that if you disconnect them from your device, they will automatically be switched off. It won’t be wrong if I say that your goal will be achieved if you disconnect your AirPods Max from your device. 

To disconnect your AirPods from your device, you can follow the following steps.

  1. First, go to your device’s settings and then the Bluetooth setting option.
  2. Next, you need to look forward to an option of Airpods Max in the list of your Bluetooth connections.
  3. Click on it and then disconnect or forget them from your device. 

They will automatically be switched off when disconnected from your device.

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Low power mode activation without case

If you want to put your AirPodsMax on low power mode or get it activated without a case, or you have this question for me to answer, then I will say yes, you can do this. As I have mentioned earlier explain that your airpodsMax will automatically be at low power mode with or without Smart Case if you leave them on used or unconnected with your device for at least 5 minutes

How to check the Battery of your AirPods Max

If you want to check the appointment’s battery life, you can get it through the LED light color. Different light colors will indicate the different things that I will tell you.

Pressing the noise cancellation button while connected with power and a green light at that time will indicate your battery is above 95%. In the same way, if they are not connected to power and by pressing the noise cancellation but, ton, a green rs, indicating your battery is below 15%.

Factory reset of Airpods Max

The basic reason behind turning off your AirPodsMax is to reduce their power or battery life. That can be done by different steps, but if you want to turn your AirPodsMax completely off and even after trying the buff Mansion steps, you are unable to do so, then you must try to do a factory reset of your AirPodsMax.

Now, you can follow these tabs that can guide you in resetting your AirPodsMax.

  1. You need to hold and press the noise cancellation button and digital crown at the same time, please, for 15 seconds
  2. The LED light will show some spark, and then a white light will appear
  3. Now your AirPods have been reset

You can put them into the case until you have to use them again.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will it take to activate the low power mode of airpodsMax

Whenever you leave them unused or disconnected from your device for at least 4 to 5 minutes with or without a case, they will automatically be activated to the low power mode.

How long it will take to be activated to the ultra power mode or lowest power mode

They will be activated to the lowest power mode whenever you leave them and disconnect them from your device for at least 4 72 hours.

Can you save the battery life just by turning them off

No, to save birds’ battery life, it is unnecessary to turn them off. You can also use the power-safe mods by turning off the features that use a battery in the background while not using them.


In the final words, I will say that I provided you with some ways to turn your AirPodsMax off to save battery life while they are at rest. So you may try one of them. These ways include using the noise cancellation button and digital crown, Bluetooth setting for disconnecting them from the device, factory reset option, activating the ultra power mode, etc. Moreover, I discussed the LED lights that indicate the different things by different colors. Also, there is an elaborative explanation of each step in easy words.