Galaxy Buds Keep Falling Out (How to Keep In)

If your Galaxy buds keep falling out of your ears while running, talking, and chewing something, don’t worry; this problem can be solved. 

Typically Galaxy buds fall out because you are not wearing them correctly, not using the right ear tips or ear hooks, and your ears produce more earwax.

Let’s take a closer look at all of these possible reasons and try to fix them.

Ways to Stop Galaxy Buds From Falling Out

How to Stop Galaxy Buds From Falling Out

1. Wear correctly

In most cases, earbuds will not stay in your ears because you are not correctly wearing them. Every earbud has a different way of wearing it. 

That’s why you should wear your buds according to their design.

galaxy buds not staying in ears

Here is how you should wear Galaxy buds and buds plus properly.

  1. First, ensure you have correctly attached ear tips and hooks on your buds. 
  2. Put buds into your ears and make sure the wingtip is facing upwards.
  3. Adjust buds by rotating them left or right, and make sure they comfortably sit in your ears.
  4. If buds don’t fit properly or are uncomfortable, try different size ear tips and wingtips.

Here is how you should wear Galaxy buds live properly. 

  1. Make sure the speakers of the bud are placed toward the bottom of the ear, and the top of the buds should face upward, not sideways.
  2. Galaxy buds live come with small and large wingtips. Change wingtips and ear tips if they are not sitting comfortably in your ears.
how to stop galaxy buds from falling out

Here is how you should wear Galaxy buds pro, buds 2, and buds 2 pro.

  1. Put the buds labeled as L into your left ear and the bud labeled as R into your right ear.
  2. Hold one bud with the earbud tip and microphone facing downward and the L or R on the top.
  3. Insert the earbud into the ear canal and adjust it by rotating it left or right.
  4. Do the same thing with the other earbud.

2. Try different ear tips

Every person has different size ears, so the same ear tips do not fit in every person’s ears. However, if your Galaxy buds are not staying in your ears, then large-size ear tips are always recommended.

Because they fit into the ear canal and don’t let the bud move freely in your ears. However, if large-size ear tips do not work for you, try medium and small-size ear tips.

One of the three ear tips should work for you.

Also, if your ears produce more earwax than usual, then you should buy foam ear tips because they securely fit than silicone and other ear tips. 

3. Use ear hooks

Using ear hooks on Galaxy buds is another easy way to keep them in your ears.

Because ear hooks make a grip on your ears and don’t let the buds fall out. You can buy ear hooks from amazon for a few dollars.

And they are compatible with all galaxy buds; you don’t need to remove them before charging. 

4. Clean ears

Our ears have earwax for protection from dirt and insects. However, some people ears produce more earwax as compared to others.

Therefore buds easily fall out from those people’s ears. 

Mostly when it’s hot, or you do workouts or run, earwax melts and makes Galaxy buds slippery, due to which easily falls out of the ears. 

Therefore, if you wear Galaxy buds daily, clean your ears once a week. 

Don’t use cotton swabs for cleaning because it pushes ear wax further into the ears instead of cleaning.

Here is how you should clean your ears to remove earwax.

  1. First, soften the earwax by adding a few drops of baby oil.
  2. Then rinse your ears with warm water.
  3. Tip your head on one side to remove a mixture of wax and water from your ear. In the same way, remove wax from another ear.
  4. Clean your ears with a soft cotton cloth.

5. Stretch earlobe

Stretching the earlobe can also solve the problem. Because mostly Galaxy buds sit on the outer part of the ear and don’t go inside.

When you stretch the earlobe, they will go in and fit comfortably.

Therefore stretch your earlobe by putting one finger into the ear canal for 15 to 30 seconds.

6. Wear warmer

Wearing a warmer can also stop your Galaxy buds from falling out.

If it’s cold, wear a warmer on your ears; in this way, you will keep yourself safe from the cold, and your buds will not fall out.