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Beats Studio Buds Keep Falling Out (Try This!)

Beats Studio Buds are popular because of their excellent sound quality. However, you will not be able to enjoy their great sound if they will keep fall out of your ears.

I know this problem’s pain because you are always worried about them. If they fall, they will get damaged, and your money will be wasted.

But now, don’t worry because you are in the right place. This article will teach you six ways to stop Beats Studio Buds from falling out. Let’s get started!

How to Stop Beats Studio Buds from Falling Out

Beats Studio Buds Falling out, Beats Studio Buds Not Staying in ears

1. Use ear hooks

Beats Studio Buds Falling out, Beats Studio Buds Not Staying in ears

You can use ear hooks to fit beats studio buds in your ears. You can put them on newer beats studio buds (2021 to new).

You can get these ear hook from Amazon for 13$. (Click here to buy)

These ear hooks will stick into the ridges of your outer ears. And not let your beats studio buds to fall out of your ears.

2. Wear correctly

Wearing the beats studio buds the right way is essential for a secure fit.

Simple earbuds are easy to wear; you have just to put them in your ears.

However, in beats studio buds case, you should keep a few things in mind. That are given below.

  1. Before wearing studio buds, check the right and left earbuds. Then wear the right bud in the right ear and the left one in the left ear.
  2. Make sure when you wear them, their logo looks like “b,” not 9. Because if you wear beats studio buds like regular earbuds, their logo will look like “9,” so ensure you are wearing them correctly.
  3. After that, make adjustments to fit them in your ears.
  4. If you are still confused watch this video.

3. Clean ears

Our ears have earwax for protection from outside dirt and insects. However, in hot weather or when you wear beats studio buds while workouts, the earwax will melt and slippery your ear canal.

Because of that, your studio buds fall out of your ears. 

Therefore if you are using your beats studio buds regularly, clean your ears every week. Note: don’t use a cotton swab for cleaning ears because it will push earwax in your ears instead of cleaning. 

Beats Studio Buds Falling out, Beats Studio Buds Not Staying in ears

Moreover, it can affect the earwax built in your ears. You might be wondering then how I should clean my ears. 

So, if you want to clean your ears, follow the below steps. (You should clean your ears twice a month using this method.)

  1. First, you should soften earwax by adding a few drops of baby oil to your ears. (Click here to buy baby oil)
  2. Then rinse your ear with warm water; you can use a bulb syringe for that.
  3. Tip your head on one side to remove the wax and water mixture from your one ear. Then remove it from another ear.
  4. After that, clean your ear’s outer side with a clean cotton cloth.

After proper cleaning, your beats studio buds will not fall while working out in hot weather. 

4. Stretch earlobe

Beats Studio Buds Falling out, Beats Studio Buds Not Staying in ears

Stretching the earlobe is also the best problem-solving solution. Because when you put your beats studio buds in, they sit on the outer part of the ears and do not go inside.

Therefore they keep falling out when you move.

So, to get rid of this, you should stretch your ear lobe. You can stretch by putting one finger in your right ear for a few seconds. Then do the same with the left ear and wear earbuds.

After stretching, they will securely fit in your ears.

5. Choose the right ear tips

Beats Studio Buds Falling out, Beats Studio Buds Not Staying in ears

Choosing the right ear tips is vital for secure fit and comfort. Every person has different-sized ears. Therefore you should know which size ear tips will be good for you.

Beats Studio Buds come with three different size ear tips. The medium size ear tips are on them when you get them out of the box. For a secure fit, you should try all ear tips.

First, try small size ear tips and test by walking around if studio buds are still falling from your ears. Then try the medium size and large size ear tips; however, if none of the provided ear tips fit correctly in your ears.

Then go for third-party ear tips. There are many types of ear tips, such as silicone ear tips, foam ear tips, and hybrid ear tips.

However, memory foam ear tips are always recommended for comfort and a secure fit. Therefore you should also buy foam ear tips to stop your buds from falling out. (Click here to buy memory foam tips)

6. Wear a sweatband or warmer

Beats Studio Buds Falling out, Beats Studio Buds Not Staying in ears

You can wear a sweatband or warmer to keep beats studio buds in your ears. Wearing a warmer or sweatband will not only stop buds from falling and protect them from dirt and debris.

So, if the weather is cold, you can wear warmer, and if it’s hot, you can wear a sweatband.

This way, you will follow the trend, and your studio buds will not fall out of your ears.

However, make sure the sweatband or warmer is not too tight because it will push buds in your ears, and you will feel uncomfortable.

Do Beats Studio Buds stay in your ear while running?

Mostly beats studio buds will not fall out while running. However, after a long run, due to sweat and earwax mix, they become slippery and easily can fall from your ears.

But there are many ways to keep them in. Such as, you can put ear hooks on them, wear a sweatband or warmer depending upon the weather, by cleaning your ears once a month, and the most important one is by wearing them correctly. 


This was the article about how to keep beats studio buds from falling out of your ears. Hopefully these tips and tricks will work for you. Let’s us know in the comments how helpful was this blog post. And for more information about headphones keep visiting this site.


Can you use Beats Studio headphones in the shower?

Wearing your Beats wireless earphones while bathing or swimming is not advised. Avoid submerging your Beats wireless earphones in high-velocity or pressured water.

Why are my beats still being released?

One of the most frequent causes of a needle that refuses to thread is a sewing machine that is set up incorrectly for thread tension.

What is the trick to keeping my Beats Studio buds in my ears?

Choose from the three silicone eartips that are soft. These choices offer coziness, security, and the assurance of remaining in one’s location. For an even more immersive listening experience, gently insert your Beats Studio Buds and twist downward until they fit securely and form an acoustic seal.