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USB-C Headphones Adapter Not Working (Try These Easy Fixes)

Yesterday when I plugged in my new headphones into my laptop. I was very excited to listen to my favourite music. 

But to my disappointment, the headphone’s adapter wasn’t working. However, instead of throwing away my headphones I researched online to find what can be wrong with it and how I can fix it. 

And thanks to the internet I found a few ways to fix these problems. 

So, if you are in the same situation don’t panic and try the fixes described below.

How to Fix USB-C Headphones Adapter That is Not Working

USB-C Headphones Adapter Not Working

1. Try with Different Device

The first thing that you should do is try your headphone’s adapter with a different device to figure out if the problem is with the adapter or device. 

If your headphones are working with the new device then the problem is with your old device. Which we will discuss below how you can fix. 

However, if your headphones are not working then you need to replace the adapter. In this case you will need to buy the new adapter.

2. Clean Your Device USB-C Port

The second thing you will want to do is clean the USB-C port of your device or phone. Because sometimes due to dirt or little bit of dust particles the adapter will not connect with the phone and as result it won’t work. 

So, you should clean the port of your phone to fix this issue. To clean the port you can use a toothbrush or blower. 

If you want to use a toothbrush, then pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol on the brush if you have and then clean the port. 

If you want to use a blower, simply turn on it and blow the port and make sure all dirt is removed. 

3. Properly Connect

If your USB-C headphone’s adapter is not working, you should make sure you are firmly connecting it with your device. 

Because most of the time you are not properly plugging the adapter in due to which it doesn’t work. 

Therefore to fix this problem you should make sure the adapter is firmly connected on both ends. 

4. Clean the Adapter

You should also clean the adapter of your headphones. Because if there will be dirt in it then it won’t connect properly with your device and won’t work. 

So, you should remove dirt from it by blowing the air in it with the help of a blower.

5. Reboot Your Device

If the problem persists after cleaning then you should reboot your device or phone. 

Because sometimes the problem is in your device instead of the port and rebooting it can fix the problem. 

You can simply turn off your phone by pressing the power button and when your phone is powered off wait for a few seconds and then again power on your phone.

6. Must Have DAC Chip

Most headphones adapters are compatible with all devices. However, if your headphones adapter is not working with your Samsung phone then you should check for the DAC chip. 

If your adapter doesn’t have this chip then it won’t work with your phone. 

This kind of adapter is 3$ more expensive than the regular adapter but they are compatible with every kind of device. 

Therefore you should always buy the one that has a DAC chip.

7. Change Audio Settings

Sometimes your headphones adapter and phone both are working fine but the problem is you have not set correct audio settings on your device. 

In this case you will need to change a few things to fix your headphones adapter that is not working.

Here is how you can do that.

  • Go to Settings of your phone.
  • Then go to Sound and Vibrations.
  • Then separate app sound.
  • And set it at On.

8. Charge Your Phone

If your headphone’s adapter is still not working then you will need to charge your phone. Because sometimes the low battery of your device or phone is the problem. 

The adapter of headphones requires a good amount of power from the device for transferring sound from device to headphones. 

So, to fix this issue you should charge your phone at 50%.

9. Turn Volume Up

Sometimes you will forget to turn the volume up and blame your headphone’s adapter for issues. It seems like a silly mistake but many people forget. 

Therefore you should also check the volume on your device and make sure it is turned up. 

However, if that’s not the case then read the following fixes.

10. Replace the USB-C Port

You should also check the USB-C port of your phone for damage. Maybe it is loose or not working at all. Due to which your headphone’s adapter is not working. 

Therefore in this case you will first need to figure out if the USB-C port is damaged or not. 

And if damaged then you will need to go to a technician to replace it. The USB-C port replacement will cost you 5$ to 10$.

11. Buy New Adapter

However, if your headphones USB-C port is working fine then maybe your headphone’s adapter is not working itself. 

To confirm that you should use an adapter with different devices, if it is not working with any device then it is damaged. In this case you will need to buy the new adapter. 

And before buying the one always make sure it has a DAC chip. Because these kinds of adapters are compatible with all devices. 

This is the adapter that I bought for my headphones and works with all devices without any issues. (Link to Amazon)

12. Switch to Bluetooth

If your headphone’s adapter is not working, you may want to consider switching to a wireless connection using Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows devices to connect with each other. 

Many headphones come with Bluetooth built-in, allowing you to connect them to your device without the need for a physical adapter. 

If you want to switch to Bluetooth connection you will need to buy new headphones or earbuds that have Bluetooth. 

Switching to Bluetooth is a convenient and effective way to overcome issues with a faulty headphone adapter. 

It will allow you to continue enjoying your audio content without being limited by a physical connection.


If your USB-C headphones adapter is not working, it may be due to a compatibility issue, a faulty adapter, or a problem with your device’s USB-C port. To troubleshoot the issue, try using a different adapter or a different device, and make sure that the adapter is properly connected to both your headphones and your device. 

If the problem persists, it may be necessary to seek further assistance from the manufacturer or a qualified technician.

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