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Bose QC Earbuds Flashing Red And White (Solved)

Most people complain about the Bose QC Earbuds flashing Red and White lights. Undoubtedly, it might be frustrating when you do not know the reason behind the problem.

No Worries! As it’s not a big deal.

As one of my friends also faced the same issue a few months before, at that time, we came to know all the common reasons and their solutions. 

So, here, in this article, I am going to provide you with complete details about the reasons and the solution to this issue.

Let’s Begin… 

How To Fix Bose QC Earbuds Flashing Red and White

Some of the common reasons you should need to know about the Bose QuietComfort earbuds flashing red and white may be battery issues, pairing mode of earbuds, hardware damage, outdated firmware, or connection problems. 

Here are the common reasons and their solutions that help you to fix the problem. 

1. Pairing Mode of Earbuds

One of the main reasons that the Bose QuietComfort earphones flashing red and white is that the earbuds are in pairing mode. 

In this case, your device is making a pair to the other devices, which is why the earbuds flash red and white. Or maybe if your Earbuds do not make a pair it causes the red and white light flashing. 


The best solution, for this reason, is that you might need to check the pairing mode. If your earbuds do not make a pair you have to pair them by following these steps:

  • Turn the Bluetooth off,
  • After a few seconds or a minute,
  • Turn it on and start pairing again,

When the blinking of red and white stops, it means your Air Pods are in pairing mode.   

2. Low Battery Life

Another reason behind the flashing of the red and white is the low battery. So, when the Bose battery level is low, the ear-pods may flash red and white light. 


The first thing you need to do is check the battery level. Make sure that the earbuds are completely charged, and if not, then put them into the charging case for full charging. 

Usually, the light blinks when the charging level is low. So, once you put them in the charging case and the battery level gets full, the lights will automatically turn off or stop blinking. 

3. Connection Problem

Connection problem is also the reason when you are dealing with the blinking issue of the red and white light in your Bose earbuds. 

Thus, if your earbuds are not connecting to the other device accurately, then your earphones may show red and white blinking.


You should reset your earbuds to solve this issue. 

For this, you have to place the earbuds in the Bose QuietComfort charging case, wait for at least 30 to 45 seconds, and then remove them and re-connect them to the device. 

This might be helpful for you to resolve the connection problem and your earbuds reset and start again.

4. Outdated Firmware 

The problem may be in the Outdated firmware software causing your Earbuds indicate flash red and white.

It is the main software that runs the earphones, so when your Earbuds indicate the sign of red and white, the old firmware might be the reason. 


It’s best to update the firmware software because your earbuds software might be outdated. As it’s the software that helps users to manage the functionality of the earbuds. 

To update the firmware you need to follow these steps. 

  • Go to the Bose QuietComfort App
  • Connect your earbuds to the app 
  • The sign of updating the firmware software will pop up, thus, you just have to click on it and update the latest version of the software. 
  • For more details follow all the instructions that the app shows you. 

5. Damage Hardware

Eventually, the damaged hardware is also the reason that your earbuds blink red or white light. 

So, if you are facing this issue it’s best to check the hardware, such as a broken battery or damaged charging case, etc. 


For this, you need to check the hardware if you know about it. However, if you do not know about it, try to reach the hardware expert to resolve the issue. 

6. Contact customer service center

Eventually, after trying all these above fixes, if your earbuds are still flashing light and you do not know the reason behind it, then it’s best to contact the customer support center of the Bose QuietComfort. So, the issue can be resolved. 

Final Thoughts

So far, I have mentioned all the solutions to the reasons above that commonly people face with their Bose QC Earbuds. The reasons might be comprised of:

  1. The battery issues
  2. Outdated firmware
  3. Pairing mode of earbuds
  4. Connection problems
  5. Damaged hardware issues

Hope! With the help of all the above fixes, you can resolve the issue.

If you have any questions relevant to the article feel free to contact us. We love to hear from you.

 Why are my Bose Earbuds blinking white and red?

These are mostly because they indicate the charging status, such as solid white representing fully charged, slowly pulsing red, showing needs charging.

How do I prevent my Bose Earbuds from flashing red?

Check the Bose Connect app or Bose music app depending on the model, and check if there is any update available.

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