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10 Ways To Fix AfterShokz Keeps Beeping

If you’re attending an online meeting and using your AfterShokz for this purpose. During the meeting, your AfterShokz keeps beeping. The beeping on your AfterShokz headphones may make it difficult for you to communicate clearly during phone calls or video conferences.

With my AfterShokz headphones, I have personally encountered the same problem. I started looking for a method to fix the issue because of the persistent beeping. 

In this article, I’ll assist you in finding the cause and solution for this issue.

Let’s begin…

Reasons behind AfterShokz keeps beeping and their potential solutions

The most typical issues that cause your AfterShokz to keep beeping, include; Low battery, Connection issues, Firmware updates, Volume Limit warning, Environmental interference, Overheating, Button malfunction, and Damaged or faulty components.

Let’s go over each of these issues in greater detail:

1. Low battery

A low battery in your AfterShokz headphones is one of the most frequent causes of beeping. 

The headphones inform you with a sequence of beeps when the battery level falls below a certain value. It acts as a prompt to charge your headphones before they run out of power entirely.


You have to charge your headphones if the battery is low. You should make sure that your headphones and the power source are both firmly attached to the charging cable. The beeping should cease when the battery is fully charged.

It’s conceivable that the battery itself is defective or has aged over time if you constantly hear the low battery alarm even after charging the headphones correctly.

You should reevaluate your usage patterns if you consistently have low battery concerns.

To save battery life

  • you have to think about lowering the volume 
  • putting a time limit on how long you use the headphones
  • turning them off while not in use 

By doing this, you should increase battery life.

2. Connection issues

If your AfterShokz keeps beeping then Connectivity issues might be the reason. 

The headphones may beep to signal a problem with the connection if they are not correctly paired or disconnected from the device.


You have to make sure that the computer, tablet, or smartphone you’re using is correctly synced with your AfterShokz headphones. 

You should make sure that your headphones are appropriately paired and connected by going into the Bluetooth settings on your device. If not, you should attempt re-pairing and unpairing the headphones to create a new connection.

Obstacles and distance might impact Bluetooth communication. 

You should verify that your AfterShokz headphones are within the associated device’s suggested range. 

A better connection can also be maintained if you reduce obstacles like walls or other electronic gadgets that could get in the way of your headphones and the device.

3. Firmware update

The internal software of your AfterShokz headphones is altered during a firmware update to enhance functionality, introduce new features, or address any problems that may be occurring. 

The beeping noises may indicate that the firmware is being installed or checked and is a part of the upgrade process.


This momentary phenomenon (aftershocks beeping due to updating firmware) will end when the update is finished.

You have to make sure that you are updating the firmware on your AfterShokz headphones according to the right process. Here is a complete guide for updating your AfterShokz headphones’ firmware:

  • You should verify if firmware updates are supported by the AfterShokz headphone model you own.
  • You should go to the official AfterShokz website and get the most recent firmware update for the particular headphone model you own.
  • You have to make sure that the battery life on your AfterShokz headphones is enough (at least 50%).
  • Using the included cable or wireless connection, you should connect your headphones to a computer or mobile device.
  • To begin the firmware upgrading procedure, you should open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen directions.

It would be best if you did not unplug or interrupt the headphones during the upgrade process. After turning the headphones on and disconnecting them from the computer or mobile device, you should verify that the firmware update was successful by looking at the version number.

4. Volume Limit warning

A volume limit feature is integrated into your AfterShokz headphones to safeguard your hearing. You may have surpassed the maximum volume level permitted if, while turning up the volume, you hear beeping noises. 

A built-in volume limit function that establishes a maximum volume level is frequently seen in AfterShokz headphones. The headphones will beep to let you know when you’ve hit the limit and that you should turn down the volume when you do.


You should verify your AfterShokz headphones’ volume if you hear beeping noises. 

You should reduce the volume till it is less than the uppermost permitted level. This will guarantee that you are inside the advised safe listening range and assist in stopping the beeping.

The volume restriction on your AfterShokz headphones is not affected by the volume settings on the associated device, such as a computer or smartphone. To ensure safety and comfort, you should adjust the volume on the headphones and the device to a comfortable level.

You should be able to turn off the volume limit feature on your AfterShokz headphones.

Here is a complete guide to turning off the volume Limit feature;

  • You should put on your AfterShokz headphones and make sure the device (a smartphone or tablet) is linked to the one you want to change the volume Limit on.
  • You should go to the settings menu on the device.
  • You should find the audio or sound options in the settings menu of the device.
  • You have to seek out the section on volume restrictions or limits.
  • You should locate the setting to disable or turn off the feature that limits the loudness.
  • To turn off the volume limit, you should flip the switch or choose the relevant option.
  • At the end, you have to save your edits, and then close the settings dialog box.

5. Environmental interference

External sources can occasionally be the cause of aftershock beeping sounds. Your AfterShokz headphones communicate with the attached device using a wireless connection, usually Bluetooth. 

The connection may be disrupted and beeping may occur due to nearby devices running on the same frequency causing wireless interference. Microwave ovens, Bluetooth gadgets, cordless phones, and Wi-Fi routers are common causes of wireless interference.

Strong radio frequency interference in some settings may have an impact on how well AfterShokz headphones work. This can happen in areas with a high population density, close to radio towers, or in locations with other potent RF emitters.


You should keep your distance from any possible wireless interference sources. To eliminate interference, you should try using your AfterShokz headphones somewhere else or away from any gadgets that might be near them. 

You should also lessen interference from adjacent Wi-Fi networks by adjusting the channel on your Wi-Fi router. You have to make an effort to keep your headphones and the device they are associated with in full sight. 

6. Overheating

A built-in mechanism on your Aftershokz headphones triggers to warn you if the internal temperature rises to a hazardous level. 

If your AfterShokz headphones are used for an extended time or are exposed to extreme temperatures outside, they may overheat. 

Although the dissipation capacity of your headphone is meant to dissipate heat, if the heat created surpasses it or if the airflow is hindered, the beeping mechanism may be activated.


You have to make sure that your AfterShokz headphones’ ventilation apertures aren’t covered or obstructed. By allowing air to flow through these apertures, the inside parts can cool. 

You should verify that there are no obstacles or debris in the way of them. Another way to help with heat dissipation is that you should wear the headphones appropriately, with nothing covering or obstructing the ventilation areas.

During prolonged listening sessions, you should take regular breaks to let the headphones cool down. Overheating can be avoided by taking off the headphones and letting them rest for a short while.

You should reduce the temperature in the area if you’re using the AfterShokz headphones in a hot one. You should reduce the temperature around you by moving to a cooler spot, using a fan, or turning on the air conditioner.

7. Button malfunction

Your AfterShokz headphones can beep or behave strangely if there is a button issue. Any buttons that feel clingy or don’t react as you would anticipate should be noted.

Debris or grime buildup around the buttons can occasionally cause failures.

Pressing the wrong combination of buttons or accidentally pressing several buttons at once can cause beeping.


You should check to see if any of your AfterShokz headphones’ buttons are stuck or inoperable. To check if all of the buttons are working properly, you should carefully press each one. 

You should make sure that you are pushing the buttons in the right direction, and try not to push too many at once. 

You should clean the buttons gently using a cloth that is free of lint. If tough dirt needs to be removed, you should dab the cloth with a little water or apply a tiny bit of isopropyl alcohol

9. Restart 

You should try restarting your AfterShokz headphones and your device’s Bluetooth settings if you are still having problems connecting and hearing beeping noises. 

This can assist in resolving any transient conflicts or glitches that might be the source of the issue. 

To restart your Aftershokz, you should follow the steps;

  • You should identify the AfterShokz headphones’ power button.
  • To turn off the headphones, you should press and hold the power button.
  • Go to the Bluetooth settings on the device if your headphones are linked to it by Bluetooth.
  • To break the Bluetooth connection, you have to locate the entry for your AfterShokz headphones and choose “Disconnect” or “Forget“.
  • You should Turn on your AfterShokz headphones by pressing and holding the power button once more. (When the headphones are turned on, you can see an indication light or hear an auditory signal.)
  • You should choose the right option to find and connect to the AfterShokz headphones to begin the connection process.

You should restart the device to fix connection-related problems. You should turn off the associated device and your AfterShokz headphones. 

After a short while, turn them back on. By doing this, you could fix any transient issues that might be the source of the beeping in addition to refreshing the connection.

10. Reset

You should give your AfterShokz headphones a gentle reset. This may assist in clearing the device’s settings and perhaps fix little button issues. 

To reset your Aftershokz, you should follow the given steps;

  • You should enter the pairing mode.
  • You should press and hold the multifunction Button, Volume – and Volume +, buttons for three seconds. 
  • You have to press and hold until you hear the two beeps and feel the vibration

You can also watch this:

Understanding Normal Beeping on Aftershokz

The manufacturer’s purposeful audio cues and notifications, intended to convey information or signal particular actions or states of the headphones, are indicated by the typical beeping of your AfterShokz headphones.

Function Prompts 
End callOne beep 
Increase or decrease volume One beep
Play/ pause One beep
Next/previous songOne beep
Answer callTwo beeps


The annoyance of AfterShokz keeps beeping, which may be the source of your frustration.

However, to quickly and effectively address these issues, it is essential to understand the potential causes behind them.

The solutions include;

  • Keeping the battery charged
  • Replace the faulty battery
  • Restart the device
  • Restart your Aftershokz
  • Clean the button
  • Avoid using it in high-temperature
  • Avoid exceeding the volume limit
  • Perform soft reset
  • Upgrade the firmware
  • Remove the obstacles
  • Avoid interfering with wireless devices
  • Resetting the headphones 

I am sure that after reading this article, you will find the real problem of why your Aftershokz keeps beeping. If any question is on your mind, you can ask it freely from me. I will try my best to answer your every question


When my headset is muted, why does it beep?

The headphones’ default mute setting is a beep, which lets users know that their microphone is muted in case they can’t be heard by others when they talk.

What does the button on Aftershokz’s side mean?

It’s situated outside the left transducer of your headphones. In essence, the multi-function button on your headphones is your assistant.

How should my AfterShokz battery be checked?

After charging, the headphones’ LED will change from red to blue. By turning on your headphones and selecting Volume+ or Volume- when no music is playing, you may check the condition of the battery.

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