AfterShokz Keeps Beeping (Easy Fixes)

While using the headphones the noise of beeping is frustrating, particularly, when you are unaware of the reason. Once I was listening to music on my AfterShokz headphones, and suddenly, it kept beeping and made me annoyed. 

Then I decided to do some research and that was very helpful for me. Here, in this article, I will tell you the reasons and all the possible solutions that I gathered while fixing my AfterShokz headphones issue.

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How To Fix Aftershokz Keeps Beeping

Here, I am sharing the possible reasons and their solutions, so you do not have to suffer like me. So, to avoid any kind of discomfort just check the section below: 

1. Beep as a Result of Incoming calls

When your phone is on silent mode while receiving incoming calls, you may face this AfterShokz beeping issue. 

Plus, beeping noises are also made with vibration. It mainly happens particularly when you are using old headphones of AfterShokz. 


However, the question is how to understand or get to know that the reason behind the beeping noise of AfterShokz headphones is due to the incoming calls and how you can stop them. 

It’s not that difficult to find out the reason for beeping as you can understand by just looking at the screen of your mobile phone. 

If by any chance you are not able to see the screen, you can stop the beeping noise by pressing all the multifunctions at once to pick up or cancel the call, which will help you to stop the beeping noise. 

2. Beeping due to Pairing Mode

When you make a pair of AfterShokz headphones on your phone or any other device, you may face the beeping noise issue along with the vibration. 

Also, you have to be aware when your headphones are in pairing mode so you may avoid this kind of situation. 

However, you may face the beeping noise issue in your AfterShokz headphones when you turn them off and press the increase volume button for at least 5 to 7 seconds. 


Undoubtedly, you get the complete and easy solution to this problem as you only have to make sure that no button of your AfterShokz gets stuck or nothing pressing the headphone volume buttons. 

you should allow the AfterShokz headphones to dry out in a fully ventilated area. 

 3. Low Bluetooth Connection 

One of the main reasons for the AfterShokz beeping noise is due to low Bluetooth connection problems. 

whenever you connect your headphones to any Bluetooth device, you hear a light beep along with the voice Assistant Audrey which indicates that your headsets are connected. This issue occurs due to Bluetooth’s limited range of connection. 

Generally, when you try to connect your headphones to phones or any other device like LCDs, and walk away from the connected device while listening to music. 

So, because of the limited connection range, your headphones’ Bluetooth connection becomes weak or lost, which may cause an audible beep. 

When you are around the device, your headphones may connect or disconnect again and again, which causes a beeping noise. 


The best solution to this problem is to make sure that you are in the range of Bluetooth-connected devices. 

It will help you to stop the beeping noise issue in your headphones. Or else you should keep your device with you while moving, which ends the beeping issue. Indeed, Bluetooth is not good for long-distance connections. 

4. Because of Charging Port Moisturization

AfterShokz is the most well-known headphones that usually people use during exercise or sweat-related tasks, or in the rain and other water-related works. 

Due to this, these headphones gather moisture in the charging port more frequently. 

No doubt, if your headphones are high-water resistant still you may face this issue because the charging port is the easiest access for the moisture to enter and cause audible beeps during the charging. 

Plus, during the beep noise, it may reflect red LED light, which shows that your charging port has a liquid. 


The most important step during this issue is to unplug your charger. Though AfterShokz chargers have good protection built-in, that’s why the permanent damage in your charger is minimal; nevertheless, it’s good to unplug it. 

Besides, to dry the headphones moisture it’s best to place the headphones in a ventilated space or room for at least 30 minutes. Consequently, the chance of swear damage will be less. 

5. Video Calling Bugs

Another beeping issue was found when the video calling bugs were detected by the Microsoft team. Many users complain that during video calls when they wear them, headphones get muted or start beeping. Zoom users also face the same issue. 

However, only a few of them are reported. This error is mainly linked to the AfterShokz and Microsoft teams. If you are hearing beeping due to this issue, here is a possible solution you may use. 


The best solution is to install the video conferencing software that you like to use and get the latest software updates. 

Updating the software will help you to resolve the problem because, after the discovery of the bug, Microsoft released an update. 

Final Words

In conclusion, if your AfterShokz keeps beeping and you do not know the reasons above section will surely help you to get rid of this problem. Till now, I have discussed all the causes and solutions to your problem. The reasons may include: 

  1.  Beeping the results of Incoming Calls
  2. Beeping Due to Pairing Mode
  3. Low Bluetooth Connection
  4. Video Calling Bugs
  5. Because of Charging Port Moisturization

It’s easy to resolve the issue, indeed, when you know the reason behind it. I have already elaborated on all of them in detail which might be helpful for you. 

If you know any other reason or solution let us know through comment!

What is the battery life of my AfterShokz?

The battery life of your AfterShokz is almost 8 hours for music, calls, and podcasts. While 10 days is the standby time.

How many devices can I connect with my AfterShokz at a time?

You can connect at least two devices at the same time with your AfterShokz.

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