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Aukey Earbuds Not Pairing Together (7 Easy Fixes)

One of the most common problems you may face while having Aukey Earbuds is the pairing issue. I was unaware until it happened to me. 

When I started using Aukey Earbuds, I noticed that they were not making pairs at the same time, which made me irritated at first, 

However, the first thing that came to my mind was to fix this problem. So, that I can enjoy listening to music all the time with no problem. 

So, if your Aukey earbuds are not pairing together there is no need for you to panic. 

Here in this article, I will provide you with information about the common reasons and their solutions for your Aukey Earbuds pairing problem, so you can make pairs easily. 

Let’s Have a Look…

How To Fix Aukey Earbuds Not Pairing Together?

In the section below, I will give you a brief information about your problem along with some potential solutions.

1. Verify Earbuds Battery Level

The most common reason that Aukey Earbuds create problems while making pairs is their low battery level. 

Indeed, the low-level battery makes you irritated while connecting earbuds to any device. 


The solution to this issue is simple you just have to make sure that both earbuds have a good charging level. 

Put them in a charging case at least for 1 hour before making pairs of earbuds. So that they will not cause any trouble to you and you can enjoy listening to your favorite music.

2. Reset the Earbuds

Another reason why your earbuds are not pairing together is that they may connect to other devices. 

If this is the reason, then whenever you try to make a pair to your device, try to disconnect them with the previous one. 


The best solution to this issue is to reset your Aukey Earbuds. 

You can follow the below steps to reset your Aukey Earbuds:

  • Remove both earbuds from the charging case. 
  • Turn off both earbuds if they are on.
  • Press and hold the button of both earbuds at least for 15 seconds until the LED indicators flash, which shows that the earbuds are reset. 
  • After that put both earbuds back in the charging case back and take them out a few times and pair them. 

3. Updated Firmware

Old firmware is also a reason why your Aukey Earbuds create problems in connection or not making pairs to any of your devices. Because at that time, your earbuds software needs updates. 


Hence it’s best to update your Earbuds software if required. For that, all you have to do is install the Aukey Earbuds App or go to the website and check if there is any latest update available. 

If so, then do update it, which will help you to easily pair your Aukey Earbuds to any of your devices.

4. Forget Bluetooth Pairing

Sometimes the reason that your earbuds are not pairing together might be that you forget to enable the Bluetooth option. In that case, Earbuds do not pair to the device or might create trouble for you. 


So, if you are facing an error in earbuds pairing then it’s best to check if you enable the Bluetooth option or not. 

If the Bluetooth connection is disabled, then allow it and try to make a pair again. Hopefully, you will succeed this time. 

5. Check for Interference

When you are surrounded by too many Bluetooth devices electromagnetic interference may disrupt the signals. Consequently, your Aukey buds face troubleshooting problems while in pairing mode.


To resolve this issue you should keep away from too many devices. In this way, the pairing device can easily catch the Bluetooth signals of Aukey Earbuds and set them in pairing mode.

6. Dirty Earbuds

Even though your Earbuds are protected by a mesh layer, dust, and other substances could still get inside and stop one side from working. 

One of your Earbuds might sometimes become blocked by dirt or earwax, resulting in momentary problems.


To fix this type of error you have to make sure that your Aukey Earbuds are clean from dirt and dust. Clean them frequently by using a cotton swab or soft cloth.

7. Contact Customer Support

If after checking all issues, you are still facing the earbuds pairing problem, you should contact the Aukey Earbuds customer support center

Because at that time, you need help to understand the issue, and customer support is the best way to comprehend things. 

Final Words

So far. I have elaborated on all the reasons for your Aukey Earbuds not working and also provided you with some possible fixes. 

Here is a possible solution, which will help you to resolve the earbuds not pairing together an issue, such as: 

  1. Reset your Aukey Earbuds
  2. Updated Firmware
  3. Forget Bluetooth Pairing 
  4. Check for Interference
  5. Clean your Aukey Earbuds.
  6. Check your Earbud’s battery level
  7. Contact the Aukey customer service center in case you want further assistance.

Hope! With the help of these solutions, you can resolve your Aukey Earbuds pairing issue. 

Besides, if you know any other solution or cause that is restricting your Aukey Earbuds from pairing, and is not mentioned in the above sections, kindly let me know in the comment section. 

Also, tell me whether this guide will be helpful for you or not. We would be delighted to get feedback from you.

How can I make my both wireless Earbuds function at the same time?

You can pair just one wireless Earbud with your device, leaving the other one unpaired, in some of your models. Re-pairing the earphones will allow you to get both of them to operate at once. 

Put your Earbuds in the charging case, then quickly close and reopen the cover. The Earbuds ought to automatically pair and cooperate.

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