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Raycon Earbuds Not Charging (9 Proven Fixes!)

I have been using Raycon earbuds for a few weeks now and never had any problem. However, yesterday when I plugged them in, their charging indicator didn’t light up. 

I was frustrated because I had been looking forward to using them for my commute. 

But, I knew I had to figure out how to fix this problem. Therefore I spend hours researching to find ways to fix them. 

So, if your Raycon earbuds are also not charging try the below troubleshooting steps.

Raycon Earbuds Not Charging

If your Raycon earbuds are not charging it could be due to dirt on the earbuds and charging case pins, incorrect placement of earbuds in the case, software glitches, faulty charging case, outdated firmware and faulty charging cable or wall adapter. To fix this problem you will need to clean earbud’s charging poles and charging case pins, properly place earbuds in the case, reset earbuds, update firmware and buy a new charging cable or wall adapter.

Raycon Earbuds Not Charging

If you don’t know what each step is and how to perform it, then read on to learn everything.

1. Clean Earbuds

Your Raycon earbuds may not be charging because of dirt or debris on its charging poles. 

Also, regular use of earbuds will build up earwax on the earbud’s charging poles. Because of that, the current will not flow, and the earbuds will not charge. 

Therefore to fix this problem, you should clean your Raycon earbuds. You will need a soft cotton cloth, toothpick, and rubbing alcohol for cleaning. 

Gently pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol on the cotton cloth and apply it on the earbud’s charging poles. Then slowly remove dirt from charging poles with the toothpick; clean all dirt with the cotton cloth. 

Now, your Raycon earbuds are ready to charge.

2. Clean Charging Case Pins

Same as earbuds, clean your Skullcandy earbud’s charging case pins. Because dirt on the charging pins can also prevent current flow, and as a result, your Raycon earbuds will not charge. 

So, cleaning charging case pins is also essential. 

You will need a cotton cloth, toothpick, and rubbing alcohol for cleaning pins. Simply pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol on the cloth and carefully apply them to the pins

Then remove dirt from the pins with a toothpick and clean with a cloth. 

After cleaning your Raycon earbuds charging poles and their charging case pins, place earbuds in the case; hopefully, they will start charging.

3. Properly Place in the Case

Sometimes your earbuds will not charge because of the wrong placement of ear tips or wrong placement of earbuds in the charging case. 

First, ensure ear tips are placed correctly on the earbuds; mostly, they will not let earbuds sit correctly in the charging case. 

Second, ensure the charging poles of earbuds connect with the pins when you place them in the case. 

After placing correctly in the charging case, close the charging case lid. 

Because earbuds don’t charge when the case lid is open. 

4. Reset Raycon earbuds

Sometimes Raycon earbuds stop charging because of software glitches or bugs. 

Reset is the best solution to fix minor glitches and bugs from earbuds. 

Therefore you should reset your Raycon earbuds.

Here is how you can do that.

Turn off earbuds by holding down both buds for 4 seconds simultaneously.

Then delete Raycon earbuds from your device.

Hold both buds at the same time for 30 seconds.

Place them into the charging case and close it.

Take earbuds out of the case and turn them on.

5. Faulty Charging Case

Raycon earbuds will not charge because of a fault in the charging case. Mostly faulty charging case means its battery is damaged. 

Because of the damaged battery, the charging case will not hold a charge, so your earbuds will not charge. 

Mostly charging case battery will stop working because of moisture or physical damage. 

Therefore to fix you should place the case under sunlight for a few minutes. 

However, if you have dropped the case, then maybe the power cable is no longer connected to the battery, and the current is not passing to the case pins

In this case, you will need to go to a gadget technician. He will fix it quickly; fixing this at home will be difficult for you.

6. Properly Charge Case

Your Raycon earbuds will charge when you place them in the charging case. However, sometimes the charging case is not charging properly because of this the earbuds stop charging. 

Therefore you should properly charge your case. This means you should use the original USB cable to charge the case. 

Also, firmly plug the charging cable into the charging case port. 

Moreover, clean charging cable and charging port of the case.

7. Drain Earbuds

If your dime earbuds are not charging completely, their battery level remains the same after hours of charge. 

Then you should drain your earbud’s battery for 24 hours. This way, earbuds will use a complete battery, and all minor bugs will be removed. 

To do so, first unpair and remove earbuds from all devices. Then place both buds out of the charging case for 24 hours. 

This way, earbuds will remain turned on in search of the device for pairing, and their battery will completely drain. 

After draining the battery, place both buds in the case to fully charge.

8. Maintain Temperature of Earbuds

In extreme cold or hot temperatures, your Raycon earbuds can stop charging. Because they have lithium-ion batteries that stop working in extreme temperatures. 

So, if you have been using your earbuds in a sauna, steam room, or cold temperature. 

Due to that, they had stopped charging. Therefore first, bring your Raycon earbuds temperature back to normal, or we can say room temperature. 

Place your earbuds in the room for 2 to 3 hours. After that, try to charge your earbuds.

9. Faulty Charging Cable or Wall Adapter

If your earbuds are not charging then maybe your earbuds charging cable or wall adapter is faulty. 

Because of that faulty charging cable or wall adapter, your charging case is not charging, resulting in your earbuds not charging. The first thing that you should do is plug the charging cable into the case and see its LED indicator. 

If it is flashing, then your charging cable is not faulty. However, if your charging case LED is not flashing, the charging cable or wall adapter is faulty. 

Try another wall adapter with the current charging cable; if that doesn’t work, try a different charging cable with the present wall adapter. 

In this way, you will figure out which thing is causing the issue. So, buy that thing (charging cable or wall adapter) a new one.


If your Raycon earbuds are not charging you should try the following ways to fix them.

  • First you should clean earbud’s charging poles and pins of the charging case.
  • You should properly place earbuds in the charging case.
  • Reset earbuds.
  • Properly charge the charging case.
  • Drain earbuds for 24 hours.
  • Update the firmware of the buds.
  • Maintaining temperature may not be suitable.
  • Replace the bad charging cable or wall adapter.

However, if none of these ways work for you, then you should contact Raycon customer support for help. Or if earbuds are under warranty return them and get a new pair. 

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