How to put Beats in pairing mode? | Step by Step Guide

Here I am going to provide you step by step guidance for putting your beats on a pairing mode and all the possible problems during this process with their reasons and solutions according to different devices I give in this article. Have you bought a pair of new beat headphones? And now you’re looking for a guide to put beats in pairing mode. So relax about this because it’s not a big deal. You can do this quickly by following simple steps for any best product.

I already experienced the same situation when I bought headphones for the first time that were solo pros. They are one of the best products, but I don’t know how to use them. Then I searched a lot on this and now I am guiding you about it. Every company has different instructions or guidelines. So according to your device, you can read the information to put your Beats headphones in pairing mode. Moreover, The only thing that I want you to do is to be focused throughout the article and read all the given details carefully. So that you may get the proper instructions, let’s read the article.

How to turn on the pairing mode:

First of all to connect your Beat headphones to any device you need to turn them on or keep them in a pairing mode. Now the question is how to do this. The answer to the question is very simple. Here I am providing you the details of different devices with their method of turning on the pairing mode. Now follow the step-by-step as mentioned below: You can read the details according to your device.

● Solo pros:

To put the Solo Pros the best headphones on the pairing mode, you need to press and hold the mode button that you will see on the left earpiece. For cancellation of noise and turning your Beats headphones on and off you can also use this button.

● Power beats:

For this device which is also one of the best Beats headphones, you can turn on the pairing mode by pressing the button on the left side for some seconds unless its light gets on, which is a signal for you that the powerboats are in pairing mode. Then you can easily connect them with the device.

● Power beats pro:

In this most demanding device pairing mode can be turned on by placing the earbuds in
the charging case. Then after placing it in the charging case, you need to press the button
until its light blinks. Then this device will be in the pairing mode.

● Studio 3 and Studio 3 wireless:

This is the best product and most common. In this device, there are five lights at the
bottom. To turn them on to the pairing mode you need to press the button for a period
unless these lights flash. Then remove your hand from the button and pair them with your

● Beat Flex:

This mostly used device has the same method of turning on the pairing mode as I
mentioned above. So you can use a button to pair with your device.

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How to pair them with any Bluetooth device

After turning on the pairing mode you need to bring your device near the Beats headphones. Then turn on the Bluetooth of your device. Now if you need to know where to turn on the Bluetooth of your device go to your device settings and search for Bluetooth. But different devices have different settings for Bluetooth so you need to make sure and open the Bluetooth setting. Then turn it on and search for Beats headphones. When you see your Beats headphones on your device click on it to connect with it.

How to solve if your headphones won’t connect to your device

If you have tried all these things, there is a problem you are facing: Your Beats headphones need to be connected or paired with your device. So what should we do in such a situation? The answer is given in detail from every perspective you may face. I am sharing why your Beats headphones are not prepared with your device here. So it would help if you ensured that none of the reasons given here are left to be checked. Then your problem will be solved.

● Bluetooth not appropriately connected:

First of all, they may be why you didn’t turn on the Bluetooth properly because you don’t have any experience before. Have you checked that the Bluetooth of the device to which you are trying to connect your Beats headphones work properly? If not then try to fix it and try again.

● Headphones not in pairing mode:

Best headphones from different companies cause you to have different experiences. So, if your Beats headphones are not connecting to your device, then there may be a reason that they are not in the pairing mode. Then, check again how to put them in the pairing mode and try to connect with the device again.

● Device visibility is off:

Most of the best devices have their privacy, which prevents them from being detected by any other device. This may cause you to face the problem that your Beats headphones want to pair with your device. So, in this case, you need to check your privacy settings, and if there is any option for the device visibility, then turn it on. After doing so, try again to connect your Beats headphones to your device.

● Disconnect from the device and reconnect:

If your question is that your Beats headphones were connected to your device previously but are not pairing up now, There might be an error in the device. So you should disconnect Beats headphones from your device and then try to connect them with your device again.

● Update of Bluetooth drivers:

There may be the possibility that your Beats headphones are not pairing up with your device because your device’s Bluetooth drivers get outdated. So you need to check them and if there is any update try to reconnect after updating.

● Headphone charging is low:

This is also one of the most common problems that causes most users to face the problem of not pairing the headphones with the device. Best headphones have excellent battery capacity, and many users forget to charge them. So check the battery of your headphones. If it is low, charge your headphones, and after charging, try to reconnect. Hopefully, your problem will be solved.

● Restart your device:

Maybe the device gets overloaded and hangs. For this reason, if you don’t have the best product, you may face this problem. In such a situation, you need to restart your device, which will refresh it, and after doing it, try to reconnect your headphones with your device.

● Reset headphones:

Maybe there is an error in your headphones, and you are unaware of that setting. So you should reset your headphones and restart all its settings as a new one. Then, try to reconnect them. It will solve your problem.

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In this article, I provide all the details on how to pair up your device with your headphones. All the details are given step-by-step, so follow them as they are. Moreover, if you have already used your headphones with the device to which you are trying to connect them, There might be several reasons why your headphones are not joining our pairing up with your device. All the possible reasons are given with their details and solutions. I tried my best to provide you with all possible solutions. I would be very proud if you got your solution after reading this article. But if not, try to replace your device with some Best Beats headphones. Thanks for reading

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