How To Find Lost Sound-Core Earbuds?

This is the age where everything is getting better smaller and wireless. Earbuds is one of them. As these are smaller and easy to use, the chances of their disappearance are increasing. 

Although it is very easy to use it becomes very frustrating if it gets lost. We can understand your frustration. I have also faced the same problem. 

So I researched a lot and found out many different ways to find my lost Soundcore earbuds. In this, I will be explaining all these ways.

Let’s get started…

How to find lost Sound-core earbuds?

There are a lot of ways to find your lost Soundcore earbuds. Now I will be going to explain them to you.

1. Using the sound-core app

Your latest sound core earbuds app has a built-in function to find your lost earbuds if they are connected or powered on. This makes it a lot easier to find your lost earbuds.


There is a feature in your soundcore in which you can earbuds can ring a tone so that you can find them. 

To do so open the app and ring them. You will hear the sound. Track that sound and get your earbud back.

Another way to do this you just need to go to the Soundcore app and activate the “Find my Headset” feature. 

Once you have done this, follow these steps.

  • Open your mobile’s app store.
  • Search for the “Find my headset” app.
  • Install the app.
  • Now open it.

Here in this app, you can find your earbuds using two features “Sound Tone” and “Backtrack”.

  • To find your earbuds using the “Send Tone” option, you need to first locate it and then press it. By pressing this a high-volume sound from your Sound core earbuds will play. It will make it easier for you to track its location and find it out. If you believe your earbuds are turned on and in the range of 33 feet. It will be easier to find your earbuds by using this method.
  • But you can also use the “Backtrack” feature to find your lost earbuds. If you are unsure about the distance, this feature is best for you to use. Activate the “Backtrack” feature in the app. This feature will provide you with the last known location of your earbuds where they were activated. You can find your earbuds using this feature even if they are powered off or out of range.

2. Using other Bluetooth device finding apps

You can also find your Soundcore earbuds using some other Bluetooth device-finding apps like Wunderfind and others. 

This app will only be able to find your earbuds if they are connected to your phone or powered on.


To do this, you just need to follow these simple steps.

  • Open your phone’s Play Store.
  • Download and install any Bluetooth device-finding app like Wunderfind.
  • Open the app.
  • Select your Soundcore earbuds.
  • Now you will see the distance of your earbuds from your mobile.
  • Using this you can find your earbuds quite easily.

There you will see all the Bluetooth devices with a range of 33 feet.

3. Using Bluetooth tracker

If you have a Bluetooth tracker on your earbuds it is very easy for you to find your earbuds. These Bluetooth trackers have a range of 200-300 feet.


To do so you just need to open the tracker app and find where it is located. 

Go to that place and find out where is it. If you cannot find them ask the tracker to beep for you through your app. 

Follow the sound and get your earbuds back.

4. Play loud music

Another way to find your lost earbud is to play very loud music on it and try to hear where the sound is coming from. 

Move towards the direction of the sound if you can hear it. Try to play the music on a high base.

5. Check the usual places

If you have lost the earbuds along with your charging case, it is a little bit difficult to find them. 

Because now your earbuds are powered off and are not connected to your phone. You can’t use apps to locate it.


You should check the most usual place you used to place them when you are done using them like your table or your bed. Also, check the places around these. 

Check under your table or bed or in your drawers etc. There is a high possibility that they have fallen from your bed or table when you were placing it there.

6. Check the place you last used

There is a major possibility that you left your earbuds mistakenly somewhere.

Carefully think about those places and visit them again where you’ve used your earbuds. If you went to any departmental store or a coffee shop and drew your earbuds out from your bag to use them, again go to the place and check carefully. Also, ask the staff for them.

If you have used them in your office, check your office keenly. Check your drawers and cabins. Ask your office boy if they have seen them.

Also, check your car, probably you’ve left them in your car and forgotten about it.

If you’ve visited your friend’s place, ask them to check their house, maybe you’ve used them there and forgot to pick them up.

7. Retrace your steps

If recently you have visited any place or traveled from one place to another, check the roads and paths from your home or office to your destination.

There might be a chance that they have fallen somewhere by you mistakenly.

Remember to check those places more keenly where you think there is more probability that they might have fallen. Visit those places first and check roads and pathways.

8. Ask people around you

There is a possibility that you have forgotten to pick up your earbuds after use. Ask your siblings, family members, or colleagues for them. 

There is a possibility that they might have taken your earbuds to return you but forgot about it. Ask them if they have seen them anywhere. It may be possible that they have put them somewhere else for you.

9. Using serial numbers

There is no common method to find your lost earbuds using the serial number, but you can indeed attempt to find them using the serial number of your earbuds. 

Most of the AirPods have serial numbers mentioned on them. You can use the serial number to verify the ownership of your earbuds with Soundcore customer support.

  • Locate the serial number of your Soundcore earbuds.
  • Verify your ownership.
  • Provide the verified serial number to sound core customer support.
  • Now ask them if they could track your earbuds or provide you any assistance.
  • If they can follow their guidance to track down your earbuds.

10. Using social media

Social media is a place where you can look for your earbuds if you have lost them. 

On social media mostly there are groups or pages of an area or a society where the news of the specific area is posted. Or people can post about their lost or stolen items.


You should go through these Social media groups or pages to find out whether someone has found your earbuds. If someone has, you should contact him and take them back. 

If you still need to, you should post about your earbuds and tell them where you might have lost them. If anyone finds them, he will know that they belong to you, and he will return them to you.

Ways to keep your earbuds safe

Earbuds are very small in size and that’s why it is very difficult to find them. Following are some safety measures or you may say some points that will help you to find them without wasting your time.

  1. Choose a safe place to put them. Always put them in the decided place and after use, put them back. Make it your habit to put them in the same place before and after use. Whether you are using your earbuds in your home or your office, put them back in their place.
  2. When you are traveling, pick a pocket for your earbuds and always put them in that pocket.
  3. Use Bluetooth trackers. The range of your earbuds is 100 to 200 feet. If you’ve failed to locate them, these Bluetooth trackers might be helpful for you to track them.
  4. Always attach a little keychain around your earbuds, so you may attach them to your bags or with your keys. This might save you time and help you to find your earbuds easily.
  5. You may also connect your earbuds with a tile application. This will also help you to find your earbuds easily by ringing.

For this, you need to choose which type of earbuds are you using. Then connect your left earbud first and then the right one.

Final thoughts

So far in this article, we have discussed the possible ways to find your lost Soundcore earbuds. These solutions include

  1. using sound-core app
  2. using other Bluetooth devices finding apps
  3. using Bluetooth tracker
  4. play loud music
  5. check the usual places
  6. check the place you last used
  7. retrace your steps
  8. ask people around you
  9. using serial numbers
  10. using social media

We have also the answer to the question you’re my type in your mind. If you have any questions or information regarding this topic, or how to find Soundcore earbuds, Feel free to contact me.


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