JBL Endurance Peak Not Charging

JBL Endurance Peak Not Charging (9 Ways to Fix)

JBL Endurance Peak earbuds are best for their sound quality and water resistance. However, these best earbuds sometimes won’t charge. 

This can be due to a number of reasons. But don’t worry, this problem can be fixed after trying a few tricks. 

JBL Endurance Peak Not Charging

So, if your JBL Endurance Peak is not charging, read on to figure out why they are not charging and how you can fix them.

How to Fix JBL Endurance Peak Not Charging?

Remember, these tricks will only work if your earbuds are not physically damaged. You should consult a professional technician if you have dropped them on a hard floor or in water.

1. Clean earbuds

The first thing you should do is clean the charging poles of your JBL Endurance Peak. Because when they are dirty, electricity will not pass from the case to the earbuds. 

For cleaning, you will need a toothpick and rubbing alcohol. To clean, pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol on the toothpick, gently move it on the poles, and make sure the charging poles are free of dirt. 

After that, dry the earbuds with the cotton cloth and ensure there is no alcohol left. 

2. Clean charging case

After cleaning the charging poles of the earbuds, clean the charging pins of the case because earbuds charge when the charging poles connect with the charging pins. 

However, when the pins are dirty, they won’t pass the electricity. So, it would help if you cleaned them. 

For cleaning, pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol on the soft cotton cloth and clean the pins. After completing the cleaning, make sure the pins are dry. 

Then place both buds in the case to check whether they are not beginning to charge. If not, then read the following solutions.

3. Properly place earbuds

Sometimes we don’t correctly place JBL Endurance Peak earbuds in the case, due to which they will not charge. 

Mostly the mistake is we don’t connect the earbuds’ charging poles with the case’s pins. 

This can be due to incorrectly placed ear tips on the earbuds or damaged pins of the charging case. So, when placing the JBL Endurance peak in the case, ensure ear tips are properly stuck with the buds. 

This way, your earbuds will correctly connect with the case and begin charging.

4. Press earbuds after placing

If your JBL Endurance Peak is not charging, you should press the earbuds gently after placing them in the case. 

Because the issue mainly occurs when the charging poles of the earbuds don’t connect with the pins of the charging case. 

So, pressing the earbuds will ensure they are appropriately connected to the case.

5. Charge properly

Sometimes, the battery of the earbuds is completely drained, so they need more time to charge. You should make sure everything involved in the charging process is working correctly. 

Because sometimes, the charging cable or charging case port is faulty, due to which the case doesn’t charge and, as a result, earbuds.

 So, you should also keep an eye on these things if you are having a charging problem. 

Also, allow earbuds to charge for more than 1 hour if they are completely drained, or you have not charged them for a long time. 

6. Reset earbuds

If the above solutions did not work for your JBL Endurance Peak, maybe they have software glitches due to which they are not charging. 

Because when we use earbuds, we try different settings to get the most out of earbuds which will develop glitches in your earbuds. 

So, you should reset your JBL Endurance Peak to remove glitches. 

Follow the below steps to reset your JBL Endurance Peak.

  • First, forget earbuds from all paired devices.
  • Then place both earbuds in the charging case.
  • Touch and hold the right bud for more than 10 seconds.
  • When the LED indicator of earbuds starts flashing, release buttons.
  • Your earbuds have successfully been reset.

After resetting, check whether or not the problem is fixed. If not, try resetting earbuds two to three times more because sometimes, one reset doesn’t remove glitches. 

So, you need to reset your earbuds twice or thrice.

7. Update earbuds

Outdated firmware of your JBL Endurance Peak can also be the reason why your earbuds are not charging because the latest firmware update will remove glitches from your earbuds and increase their performance. 

So, if your JBL Endurance Peak firmware is not updated, upgrade it. 

Follow the below steps to update your JBL Endurance Peak firmware.

  • First, download and install the JBL headphones app on your device.
  • Then open the JBL app.
  • Connect your JBL Endurance Peak with the app and select them from the app.
  • You will see an orange circle if an update is available for your earbuds. Tap it.
  • And install the latest firmware.

8. The dead battery of the case or earbuds

Suppose none of the above solutions are working for you. Then chances are your earbuds, or the charging case battery is faulty. 

If the charging case battery is defective, it will not give power to the earbuds.

 And if the earbud’s battery is defective, it will not hold a charge if you charge them for hours. 

So, in this case, you need to replace the case’s battery or your earbuds. 

9. Contact JBL

The last thing you can do is return your JBL Endurance Peak and get a new pair of earbuds. For this, you need to contact the JBL support team. 

First, they will ask you what issue you are facing. Then they will tell you basic things to try that we already discussed in the article. 

Then they will tell you how you can return the earbuds and get new ones. 


This article was about how to fix JBL Endurance Peak that is not charging. We have written all the possible solutions in this post. Hopefully, one of them will work for you, and your earbuds will again begin charging. So, you can let us know in the comments whether your problem is fixed or not after reading this article. Moreover, keep visiting this site for more information about headphones and earbuds.

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